U6s Black Team – Round 1 Match Report

U6 Black v Glebe Greyhounds

Round 1, Five Dock Park

’twas a day of  ‘Firsts’…

There are many things in life that, when they happen, we’ll never forget the first time. Your first memory, your first kindergarten teacher, the first time you saw snow…and the first time you played top grade AFL! For our kids, that day was today – and what a day it was!

The honour of the first point went to none other than our man Oscar. It may have been misdirected but it was not mis-hit and the goals that followed are a harbinger of a first season that will have talent scouts travel from many a mile.

In a game that’s far less about the individual that the way people come together to serve a common purpose, the first kick to mark of the season goes to Evie. It was a shuffle and a jink followed by a beautifully directed kick that met the chest of a fellow starter. What a way to begin!

First place for courage and conviction goes to our resident superstar Ted, who shows more persistence that Calvin Coolidge himself. This was possibly matched by the Tom-a-Hawk whose been watching too much AFL on TV and took it upon himself to put a body check on a bigger man – with Tom being the only winner.

As the game flowed on and the pressure on the Greyhounds started to tell, we saw big kicks out of the backfield by Kristian, some wonderful work around goal by Austen (whose name, coincidentally, starts with the first letter of the alphabet), and some great play on the ground by Akira.

Just for the record the first parent late to a game goes to Jackson’s dad, and as a late entry he showed some massive pace when the ball was out of play. He may well have been trying to mirror the track work of dad en route to the game.

In what was also a first, but will not be a last, many of us had the pleasure of seeing the first of many sweeping plays by Drummoyne U6. Following a slick handball from Jackson to Austen that was then handballed on to Oscar and slotted through for a major we saw the start of greatness!

A great day, a great start and a great bunch of kids – what else if not #1!


Special Thanks to James for Coaching and Warwick for the inaugural Match Report for the season.  They have both set the bar high for the rest of the season!