U6 v East Sydney Bulldogs

U6 Drummoyne Power v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 6, Drummoyne Oval

It was a beautiful sunny morning at Drummoyne Oval where our U6 team was back on home turf taking on the East Sydney Bulldogs.

Our boys were so proud and pumped for a big game as they ran through the Banner to the sounds of the Power team song.
The Bulldogs had all the early possession and managed to kick three quick goals putting pressure on the Power boys. The team responded with some great defence from Ned L who stopped the run of Bulldogs goals giving the Power team some much needed possession of the footy. Ned made a great run before hand passing to Isaac O who had a good attempt on goal.

In the next play the Bulldogs again surged forward but were stopped by Liam who gained possession and had a great kick to get the Power out of trouble. The footy was gathered by one of our Jack Cs who kicked the Power’s first goal.

At the restart of play the footy was moved quickly by the Power boys to Oscar M who kicked the Power’s second goal. The boys had settled after that early pressure from the Bulldogs and were playing well as a team.
The first term ended with a good attempt on goal by our second Jack C.

The second term started with some good hand passing between Zac H and Jeremy L as the Power team made their way downfield. The footy made it’s way to Ned who kicked the third goal for the Power.

From the restart of play the Bulldogs took possession of the footy and moved quickly towards goal.

The first mentioned Jack C put his body on the line to stop a certain goal, colliding with a Bulldogs player, in the process cutting his tongue and sitting out the rest of the term..

When play resumed Koji gathered the footy hand passing to Ned who made a break, kicking the next goal for the Power. This ended the second term.

Jack C returned for the third term and made an immediate impact gaining possession for the Power, handpassing to Harry C, who kicked the footy downfield. The Bulldogs took possession and again surged towards goal. Hunter J was working hard in defence and managed to kick the Power out of trouble. The footy was taken by the other Jack C who made a good break towards goal.

The rest of the third term was more of the same with both sides exchanging goals.

Overall the team played well with many good kicks and hand passers during the game.