U6 Drummoyne v Tigers: Round 10

The rain held off for what turned out to be a cracking game between the Drummoyne U6s and the Bulldogs on Saturday 17 June 2017.

First Quarter

In the first 30 seconds of the opening quarter, the rising star Ned came streaming out of the centre three times to start the game off. It was a fairly quiet quarter for Drummoyne’s backline as we saw the centre and forward line hold the ball for most of the quarter in their forward half. Hunter, one of Drummoyne’s star first quarter forwards, contributed to the rain of goals kicking a sensational 6-pointer for the team.

Oscar showed incredible hunger for the ball as he ran the ball out of the centre too many times to count. In the first two minutes of the game his stats show he had six touches, including a solid mark. Look out Brownlow Medal! Bryce in the centre pulled off a couple of great shepherds for the team, and Sebastian (wearing the wrong number but still easy to pick with his tall forward playing style) had one of his best quarters of the season, with two stunning goals booted straight through the high diddle diddle, and demonstrating fine teamwork with two further goal assists.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, Jack showed fine form in the centre with a cracking streak of play and a solid mark. Jack also demonstrated silky ability with a skilful pick up and kick with pinpoint accuracy in slippery(ish) conditions which resulted in another great goal from his teammate. Drummoyne showed both heart and teamwork in the second quarter, as well as strength in the centre as Koji sprinted through with the footy three times to once again keep the ball locked in Drummoyne’s forward pocket for the quarter. Koji also contributed a brilliant tap out from centre, while Isaac added to the strength of Drummoyne’s centre in the second quarter with some amazing run and good sharing and handballs to assist in goals for the team.

In the second quarter, James in forward kicked a stunning one goal and one point, which, in a controversial decision by the third umpire, was touched right before the line. Oscar also booted four goals in the second quarter, including one snap from the Eddie Betts pocket, and showed great overall teamwork to share the ball around to his mates.

Archie’s thumping kick out of the backline was one of the highlights showing strength of Drummoyne’s backline, and also demonstrating courage in the final quarter as he looked to be injured. Typical of a tough hard Power player, Archie recovered to keep the centre alive in the final quarter. Gutsy performance.

Final Quarter

In the final quarter, Koji kicked three points showing persistence and a ‘never give up’ attitude towards goal. Zac also had a great final quarter with amazing centre play and a sensational goal assist. What a team player. Isaac kicked another two goals in the last quarter, and in the dying minutes of the match, Brycie booted the ball out of the backline from a kick in that resulted in yet another Drummoyne goal, to secure what was one of the team’s greatest wins for the season.

Three Brownlow points were awarded to Oscar for his overall team effort and gutsy performance! All round a solid “win” for the season (not that we keep score), particularly for a young side without premiership experience and with many players in their first season of professional AFL.