U6 Drummoyne Power V Maroubra Saints

Drummoyne Power U6s took to the field on the beautiful sunny morning of the 15 of July. The fierce looking Maroubra Saints were our opposition.

Due to school holidays we did have minimal numbers however the 6 boys we did have, did an outstanding job especially in the goal square.

The Drummoyne Power “goal magnets” included Ned, Archie J, Archie R, Koji, Oscar F and Zach.

First quarter: 8 goals

Centre: Koji and Zach- excellent tap work and team work from the both boys. Both shared the ball through the centre with some excellent handballs and long kicks.

Forward: Ned and Archie J- With 8 goals between the two of them, they where showing some fine skills in becoming small crumbing forwards.  Other highlights from the both of them included dodging and weaving around the opposition players to confuse the poor boys.

Back: Archie R and Oscar F- the ball didn’t seem to go into defence too often however the boys stayed focused and put their hands up high to stop the ball at every chance they got.

Highlight: Zach tapped the ball out of the centre where he then picked it up and kicked it upfield to Ned who took a wonderful mark. Ned took a set shot for goal and it went straight through the centre.

Second Quarter: 6 goals

Centre: Oscar F and Archie R

Forward: Koji and Zach

Back: Archie J and Ned


Ned took and excellent mark through the centre. He kicked it to Zach who scored the first goal of the quarter.

Archie R tapped the ball to Koji who came running up from the forward line. Koji picked up the ball and ran for goals where he scored.

Archie J kicked out from the backline where Ned picked up the ball, hand balled to Oscar F who was running through the centre. Oscar then hand balled onto Koji who scored a goal.

Koji showed some great skill this quarter. He was quick on his feet, chased everyone and took an excellent high mark.

Third Quarter: 4 goals

Centre: Archie J and Ned

Forward: Oscar F and Archie R

Back: Koji and Zach


Archie J tapped out of the centre where Ned picked it off the ground smoothly and hand balled it to Oscar F. Oscar then ran into the goals to score.

Archie R chased the ball to escape the Maroubra Saints player. The ball came close to the boundry line however Archie R picked it up quickly and passed it to Archie J.

Oscar F had an excellent left foot snap for goal and also also kicked the last goal of the game on the siren.

Koji took charge of the countdown clock from 18 seconds where all the remaining kids followed with a group countdown.