U6 Black – Round 4 Match Report

U6 Black vs Newtown Swans

Round 4, Drummoyne Oval

After last week’s washout, The Blacks came out firing – and never let up. It was a performance marked by commitment and teamwork over all three thirds.

Oscar and Austen P dominated the centre in the first quarter with a series of marauding runs and slick handballs. Thomas The Tip-out was also very effective and almost went all the way with one run.

It was clear even from this early stage that there had been a lot of work done on teamwork. Hats off to the coaches.

Akira was the first to score a goal and Charlie – after a jinking run – was next.

Ted’s skilful handball to Akira led to another goal, but that wasn’t the best part of his play. It was his kicking. Yes it was clear Ted had been working on his game, with some fine roosts downfield. One in the 3rd quarter was beauty. Keep up the practise Ted. It’s paying dividends.

Austin D was heavily involved with tip-outs and blocks and was very unlucky not to bag a goal himself. Same with Arnaud, who worked himself into position nicely on several occasions – and was always there to back up his team-mates.

Edward produced one very fine run from the back and the tip-out he won in the 2nd quarter led to a goal.

Alexander bagged a point after a long run but it was his effort in leading the defence in a session of the splits that stood out. Physical agility is very important and it’s good to see Alexander taking the lead.

Akira was everywhere. Scorching runs, marks, goals and some raking kicks from the backfield. A real three-thirds performance. Oscar was one to benefit from his work in the final third, with two goals himself. Austen continued to create opportunities.

Special word must go to an emerging duo for The Blacks – our very own Tippet and Franklin. In the final third, Sophia and Evie came into their own. They moved up-field looking for work and when the ball came into their zone they were there. It’s only matter of time before they get the scoreboard ticking over with that sort of commitment. No wonder they were both recognised with awards after the match.

It must be noted that the Blacks played not only with passion but style. Is there any team in the comp that can match the colourful array of boots? There were green ones, blue ones, pink ones and even some yellow.

So early in the season, yet so much promise. This is a team on the rise.

Go the Blacks!

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Coaches Award – Sophia L.

Future AFL Award – Evie M.


To Uncle Mike for this great Match Report.