U6 Black, Round 10

U6 Black v Newtown Swans

Round 10

With the sun glistening on the dew and the promise of longer days ahead of us the hardy members of U6 Black took to the heavy turf of Alan Davidson Oval to face the might of the Newtown Swans.

 After a faultless pre-game warm up, 3-year-old Koji (Akira’s brother) was formally notified that today would not be his AFL debut and with eyes peeled he watched intently, knowing that his turn would soon come – and not too early.

 The pressure from the Swans proved tough to stop early with their peak-capped forward starting the scoring with a few goals. There was a rumour going around the Drummoyne sideline that this young lady had actually jetted in from the Matilda’s giant killing run at the World Cup and the cap was just a disguise. If that was the case, we all wish you a safe return journey to Edmonton and our hearts will be willing you on as you take on Japan in tomorrows’ quarter-final.

 The tide needing turning and the Tom-a-hawk was the man to take the game by the horns as he surged up-field with a great run and kick. The scream of exclamation as the Swans Canada-bound import slotted a third demonstrated the depth of feeling in the squad and cometh the time, cometh the team.

 At the ensuing tip out Austin resembled ‘Spider’ Everett in his prime and got the ball moving to a surging Akira who slotted through the first goal of many for the revitalised Power. Austen (with an ‘e’) then recovered the ball as it drifted into the Swans forward lline and pumped it forward to Austin (with an ‘i’) who took a great catch on the half volley and found the big sticks – momentum was now.

 The Power quarter time huddle was full of enthusiasm with the stand-in coach’s refrain of “let’s go out and nail them” verging on the side of politically incorrect – but given that politics in this country seems to be entirely incorrect that’s AOK!


The injection of Sophia into the backline for the second quarter (whilst her first move was the wrong way) was a masterstroke and a very smooth move saw the Power goal again –and this was when Edward decided that his time had come.


There is a moment in the life of every player that rises to the highest level that you can see it is going to happen and for Edward that day was to be today! After a great pick up, run and step, the ball was moving downfield and it was raining goals. A great mark followed as did the commitment to crawl all over the turf …but the best moment was to come.


In every season there is one great moment and if the U6 Black moment is to be Edward’s short pass to first-gamer Hugo then we are all blessed. This act of sharing showed love beyond Edward’s tender years and was great to see. A follow up double play with Evie on the touchline was icing on the cake!


All in all it was a great day on the green and the sound of the team song can still be heard ringing about the inner-west of Sydney – and will be until next time.