Term I

The game started well with good clearances from Alfie but unfortunately intercepted by Maroubra on both occasions with the first goal to the visitors.  Hunter and Alfie were working hard in the middle but the Maroubra defence was stopping the Power move forward.

Lucas and Jack were working hard in defence with Lucas harassing the opposition well, stopping goals and putting his body on the line with a great charge down. Jack was clearing well, finding distance and space with each kick.  Movement from Jack to Alfie and then to Oscar saw Oscar stepping right, then left before sprinting towards the goal square for what seemed to be the first goal for Drummoyne.  Maroubra’s defence was just as keen and intercepted the ball with a goal at the end of a great team effort from Drummoyne.

Drummoyne was scrapping well and keeping their heads high as Maroubra managed most of the possession. Half way during the term, Lucas launched himself at the centre bounce, tapping the ball over the opposition, regathering and getting into a great position where he was able to hand pass to Jack.  Jack kicked from the 50m line – the ball sailed through the air before slightly hooking to the left of the goal post.

The next kick from the opposition was lofty but intercepted by Lucas who was rewarded for his relentless hunt for the ball.  He was able to back his way out of a sea red white and black before handballing to Jack who went left, then right before toeing a nice banana kick off his right boot that just skimmed the left goal post.

After a Maroubra counter attack that only managed a behind, Oscar kicked to himself and sprinted around the left edge.  A pinpoint kick to an unmarked Jack saw Drummoyne bustle their way forward.  There were great hands between Jack, Hunter and Lucas but the Maroubra defence seemed up to the task this morning.

The Maroubra Saints attack was on show in the first term (unlike the Saints against Essendon that night) where they were able to go end to end on a number of occasions, however the boys never gave in.  Great defence from Oscar and then a big kick from Alfie seemed to be heading for a Drummoyne goal but unfortunately the hooter sounded and that was it for the first term.

After a hard first period, the boys were keen to get back in the sheds to regroup.

Term II

The chat from coach Caz obviously helped with Alfie and Oscar combining well from the first bounce.  Lucas, who had been everywhere during the first term, was waiting eagerly.  Oscar delivered the ball cleanly allowing Lucas to fight his way through the what seemed like 50 red white and black jumpers.  He moved right in front, lined up aaaaaannnd… whack!, slotted the footy right between the main uprights for a goal….his first for the season….woot woot!!!!

Bryce took the restart with a nice little kick to Jack who swivelled and launched the ball down the park and straight into Alfie’s waiting arms. Alfie fought hard for the ball but unfortunately a ball up was needed.

Bryce, Oscar and Jack were working hard at the back stopping a number of certain goals.

At one stage, Jack kicked beautifully to Oscar who ran forward.  Spotting Alfie in the corner of his eye, he kicked to an unmarked Alfie who chipped nicely to Lucas for an uncontested mark.

With the goal line insight and the ability to kick his second for the match and year, Lucas unselfishly hand balled to Hunter who ran forward and slotted home a nice goal for the Power.

The final goal of the period was due to great defence by Bryce and the ensuing team work of Drummoyne.  Bryce was all over the 2 Maroubra players and able to apply pressure to stop a certain goal.  Jack took control of the loose ball, kicking it forward to Alfie who then set the ball forward again to Hunter who, under pressure, managed to take his tally to 2 goals.

Term III

The third period was a tussle between two teams that were working well together.  Jack was hassling and harassing from the centre getting great delivery from Bryce.  At one stage, Jack was able to handball cleanly to Oscar who too some work to evade 2 defenders and after a short sprint toward the goal line score a major.

The last quarter saw the Power continue to contest hard for the ball with good chasing and kicking from Bryce.

Unfortunately, time ran out for the Power.  There were great performances across the park, none-so-more than Lucas who took away Player of the Match… and deservedly so.