U5 Update: Rounds 1-4

U5s Enthusiastic for AFL: Coach’s Report

The first four weeks of the season for the U/5s has seen huge improvement across the group.  We have had three great games and of course one sleep-in due to the storms!  

All the players are now getting the hang of the zone system and seem to enjoy spending time across all parts of the ground.  Not surprisingly many of the boys enjoy their time up forward in the yellow wristbands kicking the goals.

Our focus for the first part of the season has simply been on having fun, learning how the games work and practicing our basic skills of kicking, hand-passing and marking.  I have really noticed an improvement with all the boys on their kicking skills which has been great.  This will continue to form the main part of our training for the next few weeks along with some game simulation so the boys continue to learn about moving the ball from one end of the ground to the other.

I must admit I wasn’t really sure what to expect in round one against Glebe but all the boys took to the game really well.  They all shared the ball around and seemed to really enjoy the game.  The best player for Round One was Finlay.  Finlay is a fantastic listener and I always see him trying to work hard on improving his kicking skills at training.

Round Two was our first home game against the Concord Giants on ANZAC Day.  Again all the boys arrived full of enthusiasm – possibly for the later start!  The best player for Round Two was Leo.  Leo is quickly developing into one of the stars of the team.  He is very keen to win the ball when he plays in the midfield and his kicking skills are amongst the best in the group.

Round Three against Maroubra was unfortunately washed out but the sun was well and truly out last weekend for Round Four against the Newtown Swans.  Both sides had great numbers (12 each) and the game was played in terrific spirits.  Harry was awarded the best player mainly because he took the first mark for the season on the half-back flank.  I don’t think anyone was more surprised than Harry when the mark stuck but it set a great example for the team.

All the boys also seemed to really enjoy running through the banner before the game and giving a flower to their mums afterwards.  I think we almost know all the words to the song now too!  Thanks also to the parents that have volunteered to help with washing the jumpers and the wristbands so far.  It’s a big help.

Last week at training we introduced the first team rule for the year – NO FALLING OVER!!  This is aimed at trying to teach the boys not to fall on top of the ball when they run after it but to bend over, pick it up and then kick it.  The boys seem to really enjoy yelling out the answer when I ask them what rule number 1 is!!  We will talk about rule number 2 at training this week.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season so far and we look forward to a lot more fun ahead.

Gus Seebeck
U/5 Coach