U5 Round 1

And so it begins- U5s first game of the season

POWER 5s kicked BIG toward the old gum trees

Very many kicks there were WOW, just ask me!

Run! Oh they did, run, yes they did!

Yay! Footy time for them, finally!

This match reporter shed a nostalgic tear watching 12 sets of very little legs, stuffed into very oversized socks run onto what appeared to every first time parent like a very oversized field. That’s regulation?! Yes! Will they know what to do? Nope! Will they like it? YES YES YES!

On Saturday the sandbox grew exponentially. Not just for our babies kids, but for parents too. Kudos to all our POWER Parents who negotiated their first games this weekend.

There were some tough moments on the bench: “I’VE HAD ENOUGH” (5 mins in) “I’M OUT” (2 mins into the 2nd third) and the best ever comment (AFTER the game was finished and AFTER eating an entire sausage sandwich, almost as big as the player himself….) “When do I go back on, is it now?”

They all made it onto the pitch and enjoyed what was a very successful match.

NOTHING screams the start of a fresh Auskick season like an U5 game. U5 Power Team you’ve made it. Huge thanks Alison for making sure everyone was informed and at the right place at the right time! Thanks to Paul and Nick for making things happen on the day.

PS- Fairly sure this was our loudest U5 group for team song, however I forgot to use the sound meter. Oops. Let’s try again this week. WHADD-A-WE-GOT?!

See you all at training!

(Wed, 4.30pm Drummoyne Oval)

Loud & Proud

Loud & Proud