U5 V Concord Giants, Round 7

Drummoyne Power Under 5 v Concord Giants

Round 7, 21 May 2016, Drummoyne Oval

Q1. Frank and first gamer Aiden lined up in the middle for the first quarter. Frank got the tap and picked it up and kicked it to Archie in the forward line who kicked a goal.

The ball was in the back line a bit as there were some height differences however Billy and Archie were very patient in the forward line mostly hanging off the goal posts.

The ball dribbled over the line for a point for the Giants so it was Jack’s first kick in. It was an excellent kick to Koji who ran and booted a long kick.

Aiden had his first kick in AFL footy and after some hard concentration he did an amazing job. There was some excellent hand balls and sharing of the ball which showed great team work.

Q2. Koji and Jack were in the middle this time and Koji was first up for the tap. His tap ended up in Jack’s hands who kicked it to Frank, which ended up in a goal.

There was some great defending by all the boys this quarter who had their hands up high and some excellent kick ins by Billy.

The highlight of this quarter started by Billy’s kick in from the Giants goal which ended up in Archie’s hands. Archie then passed it to Koji who kicked from pretty much the centre of the oval and the ball bounced through for a fantastic goal.

Q3. Jack and Koji were in the forward line for the last quarter with some excellent shots at goal.

Aiden was in the back line and for his first game had some great kick ins.

There was some excellent pick up of the ball and running down the field.

Frank did an amazing job in the back line and managed to mark two big kicks on the goal line.

Excellent job by all the boys and you can really see their skills are improving and showing excellent team work.