U5 Auskick v Glebe

U5 Auskick v Glebe Rd

Round 2

A warm sunny morning, but the dew was still sparkling on the grass. 11 eager starters, split into 2 teams.

In one team, BAXTER showed us great long kicking, including a terrific pass to Archie; SEBASTIAN had a good shot at goal, and a great tap in the centre; FRANK kept his eye on the ball, chased, and had his hands up in defence; ARCHIE gave us great run, and a good pass to Baxter; and JACK had terrific defence, and shared the ball with his teammates.

In the other team, LIAM G threw off his caution from the previous week; BILLY keenly ran with the ball; OSCAR ran, passed, kicked and defended with determination; SILAS eagerly followed Oscar’s defence work, doing star jumps; and NED and KOJI each got plenty of ball and ran forward with it.

Coaches’ Encouragement Awards were awarded to BILLY and SEBASTIAN.

Well done all; hope you all have as much fun next game!