Chiara’s Call to Action

Under 15 Youth Girls v Wests
Round 13, Drummoyne Oval

A rousing pre game speech by Coach Chiara inspired the YG15 from the opening bounce. The girls came out of the blocks to put new drills into action and didn’t take a breath until quarter time when the score was decisive 5-2 32 to 0-1-1. Spectators were amazed at the effectiveness of centre clearances, with rucking shared by Lucinda and Afeni, and the remaining mids sent the Sherrin goalward. Special call outs in quarter one to Kaiser, Kanayla and Hazel supported down back by Lara and Tilly.
Preventing Wests from scoring in quarter two was key to success. Strong defensive teamwork, shepherds and tackling was shown with Afeni, Cara and Tilly ably supported by Grace, Roxy and Claudia. Gabi had a few pot shots but could only find the post on two occasions.
Quarter three we had the wind again and it was time to shine. Strong ruck work continued against and under strength Wests, with taps ons driving centre clearances. We were in the goals again with a great boundary set shot from 25m by Gabi and a sling shot run from Afeni through mids to Hazel and goal.
The final term against the wind saw our girls cement the win. Imogen’s clearance from centre field to Kanayla allowed a powerful kick to roll through in Kanayla final game of the year. Cara’s goal from scrimmage in forward pocket showed her versatility in her second YG15 game. Gabi’s nail in the coffin goal in dying minutes cemented a resounding win. Well done, girls!
Bring on next week, we want to hear Chiara’s inspirational words again!
Match report via Jeremy and some great pics by Lisa.