U15/3 v Manly Pittwater Bombers, Round 10

UNDER 15 Division 3 Canada Bay Dockers v Manly Pittwater Bombers

ROUND 10, Weldon Park

Canada Bay Dockers 4-7-31 defeated Manly Pittwater 0-6-6

It is perhaps somewhat fitting that Canada Bay Dockers U15/3 broke their duck in weather more suited to ducks.

The Manly Bombers were heroic and the final score of 4-7-31 to 0-6-6 belied what was anything but a walk in the park.

In the first quarter, our ruckmen asserted themselves early and moved the ball into the forward line but the Bomber defence was having none of it, and cleared the ball after a stacks on skirmish.

A Bomber kick or two later, and Gully took an overhead mark that most would expect to be a ball for the crumbers. The ball was returned for our forwards to contest and some scrapping and snapping brought about our first score.

The ball was soaking up water and Canada Bay’s defence was soaking up Bomber running pressure, but Bryson would concede only a miserly behind. The scores were even and you just know Steven is going to get a mention.

The arm wrestle continued with the boys using a mix of brute force and finesse to secure our first goal. Brute force applied by Mitchell and Jack and finesse courtesy of William. At quarter time, we hit the lead, with the boys ticking all the boxes.

As the game progressed, the ball got heavier and handling became very difficult. Trying to get the ball on the outside of the ruck to open up the field was proving very difficult and many handballs missed the mark or were deemed throws.

So the boys traded flair and overhead marks for “get it on the boot” and a practical chest marks. With slippery ground underfoot, player turning circles were bigger than a team of 18 bullocks and wheeling out of the pack became a rarity. The battles across each line were great to watch and the key position players called on their flanks, pockets and wings to get to the fall of the ball and keep driving it forward.

The contest was slowly going our way and we scored several more behinds, small reward for such great effort, and easily nullified with just one straight kick. The Bombers had several such chances but were denied by Diesel standing alone in the goal square. Reset rather than rebound, the backs pushed the ball forward and we were eventually rewarded with George bringing up the double pistols and two very welcome flags.

Canada Bay had a 13-point lead going into the final quarter – job certainly not done. Coach Michael exhorted the boys to believe in themselves and keep reproducing the effort.

Several passages of play went unrewarded, denied by the last line of defence or a ball that stopped dead in a puddle. But effort does produce results and Liam F knocked in goal after some great tackling and Georgie boy got a second goal with his team mates making great second efforts.

Brilliant work, lads, and what a joy to hear those Dockers fire up!

The team would like to thank the U14s and U15/1s who backed-up for their support. We thrive in your company and your experience helps us bring a better physical and mental game to the paddock.

A big thank you to Adrian Walton and Bruce Wrigley for backing up and performing the goal umpiring and boundary duties.