U15 Youth Girls – Round 3

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls v Southern Power

Round 3, Heathcote Oval

It was a hot day and big field at Heathcote. Drummoyne played a tough game where the score doesn’t do justice the persistence and hardwork of the Drummoyne girls who got better throughout the game.

In the first quarter the ball was stuck in our back half. Strong tackling and shepherding by our defenders kept Southern Power to only one goal despite relentless attempts. Long clearances from Gabby at fullback really helped.

The second quarter was more contested with better running onto the ball.

Drummoyne players got more used to the long, narrow, field and there was some good running and bouncing.

In the third quarter the Drummoyne girls held their own and the opposition scored only three behinds. Gabby cleared with some long boot-outs from the back. Imogen, Lucinda and Jess did some good marking and shepherding. Thamey and Lara applied good pressure. Hazel and Afeni won some clean possession. Again Afeni, Gabby and Lucinda covered some long distances up field running and bouncing the ball and Grace and Roxy put in some good tackles and handballs in the forward half.

The fourth quarter Drummoyne got on the scoreboard. A mark by Hazel led to a straight kick on goal but a bit of a mixup meant Imogen had to win the ball again from a free to get the kick directly in front. It was some small reward for a hard-fought game. Well done girls!

Southern Power defeated Drummoyne Power 5.6.36 to 1.0.6