U15 Div 1 v Manly

U15 Div 1 v Manly Pittwater, Round 10

U15-1 Canada Bay Cannons vs Manly/Pittwater Bombers

Round 10, Weldon Park

With the season tally of one win each, it was always going to be a close match as Cannons 15-1s returned to Weldon.

From the bounce it was clear it would be an arm wrestle as the rain and mud made clean marks and fast runs hard to find.

It was also clear that the Cannons had come to play, with every player throwing himself into the game.

From the start Louis M led the defence, as the back line scrambled to make goals hard to come by for Manly. Tommy played hard footy all day, and Josh H started strongly, instrumental in getting the ball forward resulting in two goals for Cannons. Quarter time: Cannons 13 Manly 8.

Manly then came out strongly and played two dominant quarters with nine scoring shots to two through to three quarter time. Was this to be another match where Cannons lost concentration in the middle and gave the match away? Not this time, as every Cannons player dug deep and forced Manly into kicking errors.

Jordan was notable winning the rucks, and the Joshes combining on the wings to force the ball wide.

Despite Manly dominating, they went into three quarter time only seven points ahead.

Again the fitness of the Cannons showed through as they started to get more ball into the forwards. Luke G was rewarded for his tireless efforts, playing on arguably the best U15 player in the comp, with two goals and a behind. With only minutes left, first Cannons, then Manly took the lead by 2 points.

Then the siren sounded. Cannons down by 2. Players coming off, officials and parents on. But what’s this? The Cannons’ frenetic attack in the last minutes had paid off, the umpire had blown a free kick in Cannons favour.

Thirty metres out, close to the boundary line in pouring rain with a ball like concrete. Who else but Luke G to kick the sealer! Cannons win by four points!

Hard though it is to pick stars in a game when every player tried so hard, Liam D joining the game in the third quarter with fresh legs and fearless tackling undoubtedly lifted the team.

The defensive line was hammered all match yet continued to push back every Manly advance, Ben W’s uniform completely covered in mud and Josh G an effective goal keeper.

Aaron played his best match so far this season, never giving up and instrumental in turning the ball around.

Brendan and Angus repeatedly gave second and third efforts.

And, of course, the boundary umpires Dave and Bruce who braved the mud, and Adrian for goal umpiring and his extravagant wave to signal the winning goal.

Well done, boys. Still well in the hunt for a finals’ berth.

Photo gallery online at www.canadabaycannons.com.au/photos