U14 Youth Girls

U14 Youth Girls v Pittwater Tigers

U14YG v Pittwater Tigers

Round 3

Weather apps were compulsively checked all arvo but the massive storm never eventuated, so the girls got their first taste of Friday night footy for the season. And what a tough first game under lights it was!

Drummoyne started well with some excellent tackling, some great pressure from Kaia and attacking play from Rianna. But the Tigers hit the scoreboard in the first quarter and relentlessly peppered away at the goals for the remainder of the night.

The Tigers continued on in the second quarter, the ball not making it past the centre circle into the Drummoyne half all quarter. All of the girls down in the defensive end kept at it though with continued pressure and harassing. Nice work #64 for an attacking run.

In the third quarter Rianna continued with her solid attacking play, Kaia’s defensive pressure was notable and Chloe made an excellent tackle.

In the final quarter the Tigers continued to pummel the goals, but our girls really persisted meaning more behinds than goals scored, with a great kick in from Maia, some good running from Geena, and excellent mark from Chloe and great defensive pressure from Madeline. Jasmine darted around making the play, Zara, Natalie and Madison worked hard all game. But tonight wasn’t our night, and the scoreboard showed that.

Some of the Tigers looked about twice the size of ours, but well done all of you for keeping at it. Thanks to Andrew for stepping up to coach the girls tonight and to Genevieve as manager. Honourable mentions from the coach for Chloe, Rianna, Madeleine, Jasmine and Kaia. Better luck next game, girls!