U12/2 v Miranda, Round 12

Canada Bay Cannons U12/2 v Miranda

Lincoln Oval, Round 12

Once everyone found the field and after a very chaotic start, our U12 Cannons played the best game of footy this season. Throughout the game, we played with gusto, commitment, and everyone really put in their all. The Cannons really played as a team. Although we lost by 2 goals, the players should be very proud of themselves and the effort that they all put in.

Some of the highlights:
– Within the first minutes of the game, Patrick scored our first goal.
– For much of the game, the pressure was kept up from our side resulting in the game being played in our half for a lot of the time.
– Lots long kicks and good hands when the ball came out of our half.
– Good mark and strong, long kicking from Cameron.
– Louis scored our second goal.
– Great tackling from Josh and Daniel
– Good shepherding and strong defence from Gabby…saved many potential goals and behinds.
– Quarters 2 and 4 saw our best passages of play and kept the ball in our half. We outplayed the other side in these 2 quarters
– Bailey and Louis were very involved in play – placed pressure to fight for the ball.
– Good marks and running with the ball from Josh.
– A behind was kicked by Anton
– Recovering from injury, Nathan was very involved and kicked a goal.
– Great passage of play – a long kick from Cameron to Anton who passed it on the Pat V for a goal
– In the third quarter, the Bombers caught up and we played hard to get the ball back in our half.
– Many spoils by Gabby helped to keep the number of potential goals from the other team
– Tom played a good game from the backs which is not his usual position. He did many strong tackles and kept the pressure on the other team.
– Jake and Jack were very involved – getting their bodies into the game and kept the intensity of play high,
– Gabe played well and didn’t give up.

Although we ended up losing by 2 goals, in the end, the quality of the play throughout the game was very impressive. At no time did anyone relax. Everyone really put in an amazing effort and should be very proud of themselves. Overall, an entertaining and impressive game of footy…keep it up, Cannons! You seem to be building up great momentum as a team and we look forward to some more great footy in our last few games of the season!