U12/2 Canada Bay Cannons v Heathcote, Round 13

U12 Div 2 Canada Bay Cannons v Heathcote

Round 13, Drummoyne Oval

The scoreboard lit up with the names of our 50 game veterans.

And the way they’re playing, they’re heading for Boomer Harvey’s record.

The Cannons racked up another good solid win against a physical Heathcote in, yet again, Arctic Drummoyne conditions whipping off Five Dock Bay leaving the families shivering in the stand waiting in vain for the coffee van to arrive.

But despite the cold, the Cannons fired from the start, straight from Tom’s first tap at the opening bounce.

Even when we didn’t have the ball the teamwork was impressive. Gang tackles were called for throughout the day as some of their big kids insisted on taking on three or four tacklers at a time. They might have got through one, they might have got through two, but there was always another Cannon there to help their teammates and eventually make the tackle stick. Teamwork doesn’t just apply when you’ve got the ball. Helping your teammates in every part of the game is a crucial part of footy.

Tom dominated the ruck all day and his beautiful tapwork created so much of our attack, as he provided silver service for Cooper, Damo, Blake and anyone else who wanted it.

He wasn’t just content with palming it straight to his midfielders.

He was also picking the ball off his toes and sending out a handball, or taking marks and finding a teammate with a pass. It was the complete ruckman’s game.

While Tom gave them the service, the midfielders used the ball well and there were so many examples of fluent teamwork through the middle as Cooper regularly connected with Nic, Thea, James and Will to send the ball forward where Liam and Alex were waiting.

Liam took some big marks up forward, including one on a high speed lead, and also read the play brilliantly, kicking two goals after roving the pack. And he was thinking about the team, finding Thea in front of goal with a perfect pass after he had marked near the boundary.

Thea did the right thing and duly kicked the goal, one of her three for the day, while Alex also pulled three goals out of his bag of tricks.

Finlay was a livewire on the wing, attacking the footy and tackling the man, shepherding, smothering and taking intercept marks on the wall. He was finally rewarded with a goal after Tom took a mark and passed to Nic who found Thea who shot the hands out to Fin for a clever  goal.

Ben C started the day with a strong shepherd and was reliable in defence where Brayden again took some telling marks. Archie as usual threw himself into everything, Dom was another key man in defence and Ozzy ran well through the middle where he picked up a handball from Damo and delivered a sweet pass to James to kick a goal.

Goals: Thea 3, Alex 3, Cooper 2, Liam 2, James 1, Will 1, Finlay 1, Damo 1.