Round 2 Under 10 Black

Round 2 Under 10 Black v Glebe Black

This week we welcomed Alex H and Alex C and, wow, these guys really made an impression on their first game with the Black team. Fantastic team work this week with everyone digging in and giving it their all. There was strong defence by the whole team keeping Glebe at bay. A summary of the highlights are below.

Brilliant defence around the goals. Toby super quick onto the ball and great kick under pressure. Sam bravely going for the ball. Mark-a-thon including Lachlan, Alex C and a brilliant catch on the fly from Angus. Lukas enormous battle for the ball followed by a long kick down field. Luke showed his Jedi calm under pressure.

Damien, brilliant chasing the ball. Swans like goal by Alex C! Strong defence and fast hand ball by Lachlan. Alex H chasing the ball down. Hamish showed us he’s made of tough stuff with a brave bounce back after taking a ball to the guts. Russell solid hands and eyes on the ball at all times. Lukas, impressive kicking style and lightning run down the field. Jasper great defence. Fine form marks by Alex H and Damien.

Alex H fast tip off the ball. Double marks by Angus. Sam strong fight for the ball. Another brilliant mark by Damien. Luke taking of the ball and defence. Alex H fast and first on to the ball. Marks by Alex C and magic mark by Luke. Awesome goal defence by Toby, Hamish and Alex C. Sam keeps managing to be in the right spot at the right time.

Damien all over the ball (in a good way), Lachlan impressive mark and safe hands. Sam great rucking in. Toby brilliant run and kick and very cool under pressure. Lachlan another mark. Luke absolutely brilliant tackle (unfair on the illegal ruling) and good work getting the ball at the ball up. Alex H rucking in. Jasper – an excellent job covering in defence. Angus demonstrated solid ball skills. Russell really went for the ball. Lachlan everywhere.
MotM: Angus !

Thanks to Robyn Pedley for the excellent match report, above.