U10 Teal, Round 8

Drummoyne Power U10 Teal v Maroubra Red

Round 8 Heffron Park

It was an away match for the boys of Drummoyne Teal as they faced off against Maroubra Red in wet, drizzly conditions at Heffron Park. Unfortunately Stephen succumbed to a pre match warm up injury and was restricted to the sidelines for the match. Thirteen cold Teal boys, encouraged by Coach Brad, bravely took to the field.

The first quarter saw Drummoyne applying pressure right from the start. With lots of great attempts by James and Nick, Drummoyne gained seven behinds during the quarter. All round strong play from Max kept the footy in Drummoyne’s possession for much of the quarter. A great smother by Oliver was followed with solid play by Milo and Harry. Maroubra scored one goal in the final stages of the first quarter. This was because the boys were adjusting to the chilly drizzly coastal weather.

The second quarter opened with a goal by Joseph which was set up from great play by Milo and Luke. With Hugo’s help Harry got his first goal of the match which he followed up with another two and a behind. Milo had a great quarter taking an impressive mark in the centre of the ground. In the second quarter Maroubra Red was again contained to only one goal.

By the third quarter the boys were well and truly warmed up and some good play by Luke saw him rewarded with a goal early on. Alex’s goal attempt soon after was unfortunately saved on the line by Maroubra.  After a scramble for the ball Luke almost got it through for the big points only to have it touched by the opposition. This play was followed on by a great mark by Alex who then set Hugo up for another goal. Good defence by Lucas, Joseph, Jonty and Matthew saw Maroubra also only scored a single goal in this quarter.

The final quarter opened with a great display of teamwork which built to an early goal by Nick. Luke kept up the momentum and gained another goal and two points for Drummoyne. Lucas and Nick finished well with a goal each in the final quarter of this cold, wet game of footy.

Well done Drummoyne Teal for an excellent win under the toughest conditions you have faced this season.

U10 Teal