U10 Teal vs Western Suburbs White, Round 4

U10 Teal vs Western Suburbs White

Round 4, Picken Oval, Croydon, 30 April 2016

Well, the boys have once again found out how to move the ball around the park at phenomenal speed, together with some seriously solid defence, kicked off what was, a  one-sided game under cloudy skies and a heavy field.

By the last quarter it was looking like a training drill on how to get from the centre to the goal square in 3 possessions. Harry C to Max K to – ‘I have the ball on a string’, Luke H who appeared to be jumping over opponents and tapping the ball from side to side as he motored down the ground.

Great transition running from the backend and strong runs followed up with some confident hand-balls and good defence prevented a number of certain goals to the opposition.

The play was not just in the forward line, as I was positioned, and as difficult as it was watching the play from a great distance, as well as both teams donning white jerseys’, I saw first hand how tough the backline was on the boys any time the ball went near their goals. The opposition must have been very frustrated, as I witnessed a couple of times just how close you can get to the line and still be thwarted one centimetre from it!

Our defence did not stop all day even though the game was well and truly over. The word ‘relentless’ comes to mind. It appeared that, as the game continued, the boys just became more efficient and faster.

The ground was loaded with unselfish players who looked out for each other and protected each other and the ball. The results speak for themselves!

A combination of good communication and team play saw our boys step up, yet again, to another level – well done to all!

For special mentions just refer to the players’ list. It was a game of all in, all good!

As always, thanks to Coach Brad & Joe, your work & dedication is always appreciated.

Go Power!

IMG_5655 Points: Luke H – 5, Hugo – 4, Milo – 3, James – 2, Harry -1