Under 10 Teal, Round 6

Under 10 Teal vs Newtown White

Round 6, 14 May 2016, Heffron Park

Continuing the run of fantastic, sunny and warm Autumn days, Heffron Park was bathed in sunshine as a pumped up Drummoyne Power Under 10 Teal took on the Newtown Swans White. After some last minute instructions from Coach Brad, the team took the field looking to put into practice the skills and drills learnt at training.  Newtown was short players, which, in a display of good sportsmanship, had some Drummoyne players play for Newtown, which meant everyone got to play footy.

Drummoyne was on fire in the first quarter, scoring plenty of goals.  Both of Milo’s goals were scored after excellent centre clearances.  One of those goals was a slick team goal where Hugo to tapped the ball to Max, handball to Luke, then onto Harry, who got the ball to Milo for a goal. A similar move that involved James working with Lucas and Nick, with Harry and Milo joining in ended with Luke finishing off the movement with a goal.  Alex and Mathew made some impressive tackles which helped keep Newtown scoreless.

Drummoyne continued its domination over Newtown in the second quarter.  Harry scored two goals off the back of some excellent team work again.  Oliver scored a good goal after a good centre clearance from Joseph.  Joseph, Max, Oliver, Luke and Sean each scored a behind. Hugo and Luke made huge tackles, with Nick providing some good defence.

The third quarter saw Newtown come out firing.  But it wasn’t long before the Drummoyne boys clicked into gear.  After good centre clearance from James, who got the ball to Alex then onto Luke who passed onto the eventual goal scorer, Hugo, who did some fancy footwork to get in front of goal to score.  Stephen continued to pepper the goal scoring three behinds.  Behinds were also scored by Jonty and Lucas after each of them worked hard to get the ball and get into a scoring position.

By the fourth quarter, the heat was taking its toll on the players, but Drummoyne’s fitness, teamwork and skills came through.  Although the quarter was full of scrappy challenges for the ball, with Matthew helping James score a goal from a snap kick.  Nick also scored a goal after some great team work.  Oliver’s excellent defence, after being faced with 4 Newtown players, stopped Newtown’s only scoring chance of the quarter.  Other notable defenders were Hugo and Lucas.

The boys sang the team song to celebrate a fantastic effort by the boys and to thank their parents, coaches, managers and volunteers.


Under 10 Teal – in the zone, ready for action