U10 Black v U10 Teal – Round 3

U10 Derby – U10 Black v U10 Teal

Round 3, Saturday 22 April

St Luke’s Oval, Concord

It was the battle for Club pride when U10 Black took on U10 Teal in one of the most toughly contested intra club matches we’ve seen for some time. This match report is presented on behalf of U10 Black, but we acknowledge the great game – and great sportsmanship – of our U10 Teal club-mates.

An amazing day was had by every one of the Drummoyne Power Black boys with a special mention to Marlowe who received the future AFL star award and Phinnaeas who received the coach’s encouragement award.

The game started with some impressive kicks under pressure by Jack followed up with solid defence and some exceptional clearances by Leon. Matty kicked us out of trouble on more than one occasion showing that determination and power comes from within, regardless of your size. Lachlan was fantastic and was in the thick of it the whole time whilet Raff brought the opposition to the ground on more than one occasion

Into the second half we saw Jack marking well and Finley clearing the centre bounce to keep the game flowing. It seemed to take multiple players of the opposition to pull Ethan down but he still managed to get the ball out and Marlowe had a fantastic goal under pressure. Matty once again was able to kick into space and the persistence of Marlowe took all the ducking and weaving and resulted in a super goal. Josh was always at the ready hassling in the ruck and provided some serious competition for the ball along with strong tackling at the goal square. Jack came up with some great spoils and Raff once again showed that being on your knees doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the ball in play. Rory was performing some great tackles and there was some fantastic team spirit to end the second quarter with Raff, Finley and Jack working together.

The third quarter started with some fantastic play between Leon and Raff kicking their way down the field and some quick hands from Rafa saw Phinn have a solid run and kick to send the ball down toward our goals. Marlowe showed some true grit against a great opposition while Matty once again showed his power and speed, with Leon taking a stunning mark in the air showing us all how it is done. The third quarter ended with Ethan scoring but after the hooter – unfortunately it didn’t count on the scoreboard (not that we have a scoreboard in U10) but showed that he was well and truly making an impact on the game.

Coming into the final quarter we were behind but that didn’t stop the boys – Coach Matt had some strong words of encouragement and told the boys they needed to win it from defence and they all banded together, did just that and pulled off an amazing final quarter to remind everyone that the game isn’t over till the final whistle.

Jack started the final quarter showing us all that a little bit of friendly push and shove was not going to intimidate him and Ethan brought his vice like grip to the centre meaning if his hands were on the ball, no one else was getting it. Leon had some fantastic runs and Phinn shook off some solid defence, which ended in a goal. Rory took a fantastic high mark and Ethan took some strong tackles meaning Leon was left open and went in for the goal. Jack managed to keep hold of the ball under some serious pressure from the opposition whilst Ethan did some more fantastic tackling. Lachlan was able to set up a run, kick and chase and followed it all the way to the ground whilst Raffa’s patience with the bounce saw him win the ball and clear it for us. Josh found himself at the bottom of the pile, but came out with the ball and even when tackled by a mate stood firm. Leon found himself another couple of goals, but the last of the quarter was the best when Leon, Phinn and Marlowe worked together to make it happen.

A great game was had by everyone on the field. Three cheers for our worthy opponents, U10 Teal. It is a great sign when two of the Club’s U10 teams are so strong and so evenly matched. It was lovely to see the boys join up afterwards, for an all-in team song.