U10 Black v Moore Park Tigers

Under 10 Black, Round 5

U10 Black v Moore Park Black

Round 5, Drummoyne Oval, Saturday 7 May

This week we all came prepared to watch a great game of footy….AFL that is. I’m not sure what coach told them in training but with the number of tackles and pick up and runs the boys did you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking they should be renamed the All Blacks! The (All) Blacks fought hard and had lots of the ball but just couldn’t convert in it into goals.
Russell – we see him here, we see him there, we see him everywhere. Tough defence in our back lines combining with Sam and Lachlan C under pressure, but getting the ball out any number of times. Strong defensive mark by Angus. Brilliant tackle by Cooper. Jasper was fighting hard to push the ball forward. Denver forcing the ball forward with his mammoth kicks. Lochlan D in the thick of the pack somehow ends up with the ball, runs out and kicks forward. Damien baulks, weaves, spins…and kicks a point.
Fantastic running and tackling by Lachlan C. Great mark by Luke. Tough tenacious play results in a point to Denver. Luke and Nicholas under pressure are cool as cucumbers, but they tackle hard…again and again. Miles plays tough on defence and gets the ball out. Jackson runs hard and helps push forward. Ever reliable Denver picks up the ball, turns and snaps a goal. He knows where the goals are and he’s not playing rugby today. Alex contests in the pack, gets the ball and snaps towards goal…another point.
Toby (just call me Jonah Lomu) has decided the ball needs to go forward and he’s the man to take it there…he picks up the ball and runs with opposition players falling off him left, right and centre. Some great passages of team play but we just couldn’t find the middle of the sticks. Alex and Hamish produce some great tackles stopping the opposition run forward. Cooper is hard at the ball and hassling the opposition. Russell applies lots of tackles and gets lots of ball. Lachlan C takes a superb mark.
For a while there it was the Lochlan D and Damien show with various supporting cast. Kick out of defence by the opposition. Lochlan gathers the ball and kicks or passes to Damien. Damien passes or kicks to the forward line. Oppostion eventually get the ball and kick out. Repeat…. After being knocked over there was a brilliant run and tackle by Luke – he ends up with the free kick. Clever positioning by Jasper helps clear the ball. Lachlan C and Denver both had fantastic marks. All the boys played hard til the final siren. Unfortunately the lack of goals meant the Blacks went down. But it was a well fought game that could have gone either way.


Special thanks goes to Julie for this fine match report and Tim on snakes and oranges, and the gorgeous Pratt sisters in goals.

If you want to see some of the photos from this match, there’s an online gallery elsewhere on this blog.