Never Say Never!

The Black team have had a stellar start to the season! The long hot summer clearly had a positive effect on the growth of the team in both height and spirit. Our match this week against the Moore Park Tigers was no different.

The Tigers are an enthusiastic and spirited outfit. Well coached and focused on the ball. However, the same could be said about U10 Black.

The Black team were quick off the blocks in the first quarter but were unable to convert some tremendous distribution of the ball while the defence remained concerted and well directed throughout.

The relentless attack from the Black team and their defensive prowess ratcheted up a notch or two in the second half of the game. They were first to the ball at every play! Taking marks both high and low and moving the ball rapidly through the posts, the boys were unstoppable. The fourth quarter was a runaway success for the Black team and the tables turned dramatically their way. If anyone happened to be keeping score, you could well have counted it as a ‘come from behind’ win.

Every member of the team played their hearts out.

Callum P was crushing in his defence and unstoppable at the ruck and evading tackles. Don’t look to take a mark when he is around.
Ashton B used his strength and determination to take possession of the ball and was rewarded with a few goals to boot.
Tiger B was accurate with the boot and slotted some tremendous goals while under attack. Those endless hours of practice are paying huge dividends for him and the team.
Max S has embraced the game and thwarted the ability of the Tigers to move the ball fluidly.
Riley P was everywhere. His speed and skills at retrieval were inspiring and his defence relentless.
Callum M and Ruby continue to frustrate the opposition with their speed and determination.
Maksim S a new member of the team, who learned his craft in the dunes of the UAE, has settled in nicely and plays with steady, thoughtful determination.
The wall of Xavier, Ehsan, Zach and Henry, a feature of the team in last years gala finish, are back and as punishing as ever.

Long may the spirit of this team continue. Their sportsmanship married with their fighting spirit is something to behold. Here’s hoping the rest of the season continues the way it has started.