Under 10 Black -Round One

Under 10 Drummoyne Black

Round 1, 2 April 2016

Drummoyne Black v Maroubra Red

Welcome back to the first game of the 2016 season. A very special welcome to Nicholas who joins Drummoyne Power for his first season of AFL, to last year’s Silvers Henry, Jasper, Miles, Angus and Samuel and to the returning players Luke, Lachlan C, Toby, Copper, Damien, Russell, Denver and Jackson welcome back. We also look forward to welcoming back Lochlan D and Hamish who unfortunately were unable to play for us today.

After a quick pre-game chat by coach Warwick the U10 Black team was ready and raring to go for the first bounce of the season.

Toby started very strong in the centre, he was tackling everything in sight, ensuring his team mates took advantage of the loose ball.

Lachlan C started where he left off last season winning the ball and putting his body on the line covering both the centre and defence positions with ease.

Cooper was finding space in the centre and was always giving 100% with his tackling, not only matching bigger opponents but outsmarting them.

There was a good passage of play from Henry passing on to Luke and then Lachlan C, however the Saints were everywhere limiting Power’s scoring opportunities.

Russell was on fire in the centre winning the ball on most occasions, there was great team work from Russell kicking to Denver with Luke pouncing on the loose ball allowing play to continue to Toby. Denver kicked high – yes, very high – over the top of the Saints defenders to Damien who took a good mark in front of goals, finishing off the play with the team’s first goal.

Angus also had a shot for goal applying great pressure registering a point on the scoreboard. There was great defence by Henry and a certain goal saved by Lachlan C. Another highlight of the first quarter was the number of disposals by Miles, always looking for team mates and creating opportunities.

In the second quarter, Power applied great pressure early with Luke having a shot at goal, registering a minor. Miles was scrambling for the ball against strong defence. Lachlan C was kicking long to clear the ball, looking for team mates.

Samuel was right amongst the action putting his body on the line and getting a few body knocks, however he was able to continue and return pressure to the strong opposition. A great passage of play began with Denver kicking forward with Cooper applying pressure against the strong Saints defence for a ball up.

Nicholas was very reliable in the centre and Jackson made an immediate impact joining the game in the second quarter. Cooper won a great foot race against the opposition when the ball was loose along the Western boundary.

After the main break, Toby continued his tackling prowess and Luke was scrambling for the loose ball on every occasion and providing great defence. Again the team work from Power enabled the ball to find its way down to the forward line with a set shot by Henry in no doubt, registering the second goal for the game.

Angus was tackling hard and applying pressure to contain the ball for a bounce up. Jasper was amongst the thick of things providing his team mates with lots of opportunities. A great passage of play just before three quarter time started from Denver to Henry to Lachlan C who was awarded a free kick at goal following some rough play, however the breeze had other things in mind and took the ball across the face of goals.

The fourth quarter was set up for an exciting finish. Jackson had a strong quarter applying pressure with his tackling and looking for team mates, Russell was pouncing on the loose ball on all occasions and trying to look for that hand pass away. Toby and Samuel again were making a huge impact in and around the ball. Nicholas was getting the gist of things and getting his hands on the ball.

Jasper and Angus were consistently putting their bodies on the line. Cooper, Henry and Luke were into everything in pursuit of pushing the ball forward. Lachlan C was awarded a free kick finding Denver who just loves to kick goals and our third goal for the game was in no doubt.

Our attack and pressure on goals was unbelievable and there were a few shots at goals registering as minors. Miles had a set shot at goal and kicked truly to register the fourth goal of the game. Pressure, pressure pressure summed up the last quarter, our midfielders applied pressure to ensure not too much went passed them. The forwards were working together and a pass to Damien saw him take a final set shot on goal registering the third goal for the quarter.

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An incredible display of football from all players, with 3 goals in the final quarter and by far the most impressive quarter of football seen by U10s in any state, not just north of the border!

Goal kickers this week: Damien(2), Henry, Denver, Miles

Outstanding players / Special Mentions

Thank you to all boys who took to the field today in what was an incredible first game for the season and an amazing fourth quarter of football which has no doubt set a precedence for the remaining games of the season. Congratulations to Nicholas in what was a fine performance for his very first game of AFL and well done to all the players this week on a superb game.