Playing in junior football, boys and girls are given the opportunity to develop their AFL skills with a more free-flowing game, although there are still modified rules. It is minimal contact, with a modified tackle being introduced for the first time in U9 and gradually developed in U10 and U11.

In U9 and U10, scoring is introduced only in the gala finals series. In U11, the games are competitive and scores are recorded. Children in U11 are graded and placed in teams according to ability and commitment to training.

The Club Training Schedule has information on training times.

Primary Contacts

Junior Football Coordinator: Mark Williams

Junior Manager Coordinator: Vacant

U9 Age Group Coordinator: Gus Seebeck

U10 Age Group Coordinator: Matt Bruce

U11 Age Group Coordinator:

The Draw

Once published, the Season Draw will be available as a link from this page.

Wet weather

AFL is a winter sport. Training will be cancelled only if the ground is closed by the Council, or conditions are unsafe (lightning/hail/strong winds).

The Council’s decision on whether to close the ground is made on the state of the oval and not on whether it is actually raining on any particular day. On weekdays, Drummoyne Power is usually notified of ground closures by about 2pm, and we aim to notify the club via Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible.

On game day, the Wet Weather Check website is the first to be updated with information on ground closures. While we will also make announcements on social media and contact managers, this is updated first. The decision to cancel a game is only ever made by the President or Ground Manager of the home club – never by individual teams.