Round two: U8 Black

U8 Black vs Concord Giants

Round 2, Saturday 8 April 2017,

St Luke’s Oval

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday for the U8 Blacks to step out and do what they do best… have a lot of fun with some footy added.

The boys were on fire and started the first 3rd with five goals and four behinds (not that we are keeping score). This was due to some brilliant team work by all. It started with Akira working his magic on centre knock outs followed by Tom and Dimitri working as a team to get the ball to Hamish and Austin P for some fast-paced goal action. Lachlan was a star defender and was all over ensuring no Giants player was left untouched.

The goals just keep on coming and by the 2nd third Drummoyne was on fire with the team work and marking taking the Blacks to the next level. Another four goals and six behinds were in the bag (like I said we are not keep score here). Alex was a stand out with his determination and drive while Alexander was fast paced and did not disappoint in defence.

The final third was about sheer determination, with Austin D ensuring that he added to the goal tally. Arnaud got into the action and worked with Hamish and Lachlan to set up several goals. Then as it looked like it was in the bag, the Giants started hammering home, so the boys in defence had to work extra hard. 

All in all, it was a fantastic game of footy which was a joy to watch.  Thanks, must go to Coach Mark and to Camille for getting us all organised.