Canada Bay Cannons U12-2 v Glebe Greyhounds

Round 1

St Luke’s Oval
2 April 2017

The prospect of being at St Luke’s at 7.30 on a wet Sunday morning possibly didn’t appeal to all the parents of the Cannons Under 12-2s but the extra hours sleep resulting from the end of daylight saving and the generally mild temperature meant that it only took three sips of the morning coffee to induce some smiles.

For the majority of the boys this was to be their first game as “Cannons” so they spent the time introducing themselves to their teammates while their opponents, the Glebe Greyhounds put on a pretty slick looking display in the warm up.

The black clouds in the sky looked ominous but so did the sight of two of last year’s Drummoyne Power Under 11 Div 1 team wearing the black and white of Glebe.

The siren sounded at 8.00am signalling the end of the long hot summer, the start of the first game as Cannons… and the start of the rain!

The Cannons started really well winning the centre clearance and were quickly on the board with the first point followed by the first goal, but it didn’t take long for Glebe to reply following it quickly with a second goal to stamp some authority on the game.

Glebe used the breeze to their advantage and peppered away at the goals and they carried all the momentum into the first change leading 2.3.15 to 1.1.7

The coaches were encouraging at the quarter time huddle and clearly sent out a message about daylight saving because the Cannons went out in the second term and turned back time!

It was good old fashioned slog in the wet with relentless pressure and tackling resulting in turnovers. There were inspirational passages like when Cooper read the flight of the ball brilliantly, stole a magnificent intercept mark and delivered a perfect pass into the attacking zone. Another on the far wing (which means it was too far to see who was involved) where a ferocious tackle in the back pocket knocked the ball free. The Cannons pounced on it, moved the ball down the wing, and without Glebe getting a touch, slotted in a goal.

With the breeze at their backs and the sniff of momentum in their nostrils, the Cannons maintained the pressure and deliver the ball to Josh who banged home a goal. Clearly the car park end is the scoring end as the Cannons kept the Greyhounds scoreless until the dying seconds of quarter when Glebe snuck a late goal to bring the score line close to par.

That late goal to Glebe must have given their coach something to work with during the half time break because Glebe sprung out and banged on two quick goals to swing the momentum very much in its favour. By this stage the rain had stopped but the conditions were still pretty greasy so it was the second efforts and ground level stuff that really mattered.

Daniel asserted himself in the ruck and James and Jack combined to dominate the clearances resulting in three unanswered goals. This gave the Cannons back the lead with less than a kick in it at the final change.

The final quarter was always going to be a test of character with nothing separating the two teams. Glebe had most of the possession but fantastic defensive pressure by the Cannons restricted the scoreboard impact. Midway through the quarter, Benny (the goal sneak with the flouro boots who was a Drummoyne player last year) came back to haunt his old team mates with a great snap that gave the Greyhounds the lead and perhaps signalled a crack in the defence.

The game was there for the taking and the Cannons, to a man, all stood up to the challenge. Matt (one of the smallest guys on the field) threw himself into the contest and copped a heavy knock for his efforts.

Damo grabbed a great mark at centre half back repelling the ball back into the attacking zone allowing the forwards to chase, pressure and just will the ball through the goals. It was tight, committed stuff and every player gave their all.

Inside the last minute the Cannons held a 4 point lead and Glebe knew they had to roll the dice. They made a break down the wing and kicked over the top into space with players giving chase. The Cannons defenders threw themselves over the slippery ball and bottling up play desperate to keep the footy in tight at ground level.

It was at this time that the siren blew and the records now show that the Cannons notched up a magnificent 61 to 57 win!

Congratulations Cannons on a first game win, and congratulations to Glebe for a great game.

Match report by Stephen Grech, photos  Andrew Macdonald and Michelle Hauschild