Round 8 – U6 v Concord Giants

After an enforced week off due to bad weather the sun shone at the Drummoyne Oval. So did the home team! It was a display full of energy and lots of running. The Power dominated most of the possession, field position and scoring, particularly in the first two thirds, and when Concord mounted some good counter attacks the midfield flooded back and the defender’s did well.

Teamwork was the order of the day with players interacting well together. Oscar F made some great runs and made a brilliant kick for goal as well showing some nice hand skills. For Archie R a little went a long way assisting a goal with a hand pass. Koji enjoyed a strong game, showing great teamwork and powerful running. Hunter was great in defence and impressively kicked a goal from distance. Harry ran hard and was super in midfield and defended well. Zac also had a good game leaping well at the kick off and scoring a goal. Ned ran and kicked well for a behind, and made a good mark. Phoenix displayed great teamwork with a lovely kick to a teammate, and also took a great mark and scored a nice goal. Bryce was another working hard for the team and supporting well whilst getting into the thick of it. Alfie kicked a great pass, played well in midfield, took a mark and scored a goal.

However, special mention goes to Jeremy for an action packed display with lots of running and skills on show, not to mention four goals. A great individual performance amongst a great team performance.

Also, particular thanks to Lucas and Sebastian who both volunteered to play for the Giants to even up the teams. Lucas played his best game yet with great hand passes and teamwork with an unknown team. Sebastian also worked well with the Giants defending against the Power with some good runs out of defence.

Congratulations to the Giants for a good showing and to the Power for their teamwork, running and skills, which shone bright on the day.