Against an undefeated Pittwater team, the trip to Narrabeen was always going to be tough. In windy conditions Drummoyne lost to a bigger and stronger team, but we played our best football of the season. We showed sustained effort and focus, and there was a lot to be proud of.

From the centre bounce, Lucina competed strongly for the football and never gave up. This placed continual pressure on Pittwater but the wind had us hunkered down in our half for most of the quarter. A momentarily lapse of concentration gifted Pittwater an early goal but thereon Drummoyne dug in and endured unrelenting pressure.

Gabby showed her silky skills and organised and directed play for most of the quarter. She was strongly supported by Gina, Hazel and Jess. Great heart and relentless tackling from Nurahne, Afeni and Kyzer kept Drummoyne in the game.

At quarter time the Pittwater team was feeling the pressure, Gabby’s 10 uncontested marks were being talked about (loudly). Coach Chiara was cool and measured; reinforced the good, corrected the not-so-good, and gave strong direction for the 2nd quarter.

The second quarter was a replay of the 1st with dominant play by the Tigers held out by a determined and hard tackling Power. Our effort and courage was never better. Committed tackling from Roxy, Tilly, Chinny and Imogen, and strong hands and long kicks from Geena had us in the game. Again, calm and collected defence from Gabby. This quarter was the best so far this season, with relentless tackling, steely focus and strong second efforts.

Coach Chiara was delighted with the effort but wanted more from the girls and in the third quarter she got it. Committed running by Miranda was well supported by Grace, Lara and Jaydee, and strong shepherding and second efforts by Hazel, Roxy and Kyza.

To quote my game notes ‘all girls played tough and committed footy’, with this at hand you can’t ask for more. Drummoyne showed spirit by keeping the undefeated Tigers goalless in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was another tough battle with strong efforts from Skye, Imogen and Roxy. Lapses in concentration cost Drummoyne a couple of cheap goals late in the game, but the effort shown by Drummoyne against a bigger and stronger opposition is one to be proud of. Even though we were kept scoreless it was a huge effort from the players and coach. The girls showed true grit.