Round 8 – Drummoyne U11 Black

Drummoyne Power U11 Black v Newtown Swans White

Round 8 Alan Davidson Oval 27.5.2017

From the first ball up the strength of the Black team was evident with Russel, Denver and Luke making a defensive wall to ensure the ball spent the majority of the quarter in the forward half, keeping Jasper and Jackson busy. Lucca was everywhere, firing a classy kick to Damien to set up Drummoyne’s first major.  The forward and centres continued to pepper to goals, keeping the Swans under pressure.  A free kick late in the quarter saw Alex drop punt a ball into the pack in front of goals, resulting in a snap goal to Lucca.

The second quarter saw Drummoyne with the majority of possession and continuing to keep the Swans defence under the hammer. Jarvyse worked tirelessly in the centre, moving the ball away from the ruck with some big clearing kicks.  Ethan’s ability to snatch the loose ball and push forward was rewarded when he combined with Luke B in a ferocious assault on the Newtown defence line, resulting in a great goal to Luke. Likewise, Russel and Hamish’s grit in the forward line created a scoring opportunity for Toby.  A crashing tackle from Jonty sparked a turnover and another push forward, and another goal to Luke.  To its credit, Newtown didn’t look like giving up, and came back late in the quarter for its first goal.

Newtown regathered during the break and gained momentum in the third. Denver was having none of it, taking a fantastic mark to keep pushing the game towards the Newtown goal. Our U10s, Yoshi and Jacob, played exceptionally well, keeping Newtown in their own half. Toby and Denver shared the ruck duties, holding their own against larger competitors. Newtown managed another goal, however, Mikail quickly answered with another goal for Drummoyne.  This quarter saw some great football skills on show from both teams.

The sun was setting as the fourth quarter began, the bright green of the scoreboard showing that Drummoyne was well in front. The boys were tired, but kept the intensity they started with.  Ethan and Lucca did not stop, relentlessly driving that ball forward with a series of short passes and good marks. Denver took a mark in front of goals and kicked his first for the day. Newtown continued to push back, but as the clock counted down, Drummoyne had done enough, taking a well-deserved win.