St Luke’s Oval, Concord

Round Six, Saturday 13 May 2017

Our home away from home, St Luke’s was looking its best with the addition of our brand new sparkling scoreboard, as we hosted the Glebe Greyhounds.

The 1st quarter was a tight contest with both teams fairly evenly matched. There was some great defence from Toby, Luke, Ethan and Cooper who all contributed to keeping the Greyhounds to a low scoring quarter with fantastic tackling.  From the offensive side, there was a number of clearance from the centre ruck from Toby that created opportunities for scoring, with both Lucca and Damien taking marks in a heavily defended goal square. Lucca was able to convert this into a great goal with both Damien and Jasper scoring well deserved behinds.

The Greyhounds got away from us in the next period with an onslaught of attacking playing. The boys kept their composure and were able to score under tough conditions with a goal from Jasper and behinds from both Denver and Leon. Although defence was not our strong point,  there were a number of excellent smothers from both Luke and Alex that was able to keep the Greyhounds within striking distance.

In the 3rd quarter the boys lifted and where able to reduce the margin. In a beautiful sequence of play, Luke was able to create a scoring opportunity with a fantastic tackle that resulted in a free kick, that allowed Ethan and Leon to combine to score. Other scoring opportunities were also taken by Lucca for his second goal of the day and a behind from Cooper. Our defence stepped up a gear with great intensity from the whole team. A special mention goes to Russell, Alex, Jasper, Alex P and Jonty for their tackling and couple of excellent smothers.

The final quarter saw scoring contributions from Mikhail, Leon and Lucca. Toby, Alex and Russell continued to defend well with marks from all three. In the end, the lead that the Greyhounds obtained in the 2nd quarter was too great to overcome with the boys eventually going down by 17 points.

Overall it was a great effort by the boys. Thanks again to Anthony and John for coaching as well as under 10s that made up our numbers. A warm welcome also to Cooper, who played his first game of the season for U11 Black.