Round 4 – Drummoyne Power Black U11 V Glebe Greyhounds Black U11

Drummoyne Power Black U11 V Glebe Greyhounds Black U11

Drummoyne Oval, Round 4, 29.4.2017

A convincing win from the boys and a real testament to Anthony’s enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the game as our new coach.

I noticed that the kicking accuracy had improved greatly and our boys were finding the target more often. A number of fantastic marks in a thrilling game to watch, with team Black continually turning the tables on Glebe.

Match Highlights:

  • Our forwards started strongly with some solid kicking by Luke, taking three goals
  • Ethan fired back with three goals in the last quarter
  • Jonty was on the ball constantly
  • Toby kept up his reputation for solid tackling and winning the ball-ups
  • A great long-range attempt at goal by Damien
  • Denver hammered through a sneaky banana kick for a half point
  • Some great kicking and handballs from Samuel
  • As usual, Mikhail was all over the defence
  • A jaw-dropping long range kick from Russell
  • Hamish was solid in defence with some solid tackling
  • Alexander took the mark of the day
  • Rory darted and weaved his magic and was integral to a consecutive chain of possessions
  • Jackson hammered Glebe with some enthusiastic tackling
  • Lucca kept the game moving with some quick passing and bustling
  • Solid defensive kicking from Jasper
  • Jarvyse saved a final attack on our goal with some great smothering defence