U9 Teal vs Concord Giants
Round 2, Saturday 8 April 2017, St Lukes Oval

The U9s took to the field for round 2 vs the Concord Giants under a sunny sky and in perfect match conditions. Pepped up by our new super coach, the boys were right into the fight producing some great tackles and getting plenty of the ball. Dylan B & William W feed the forward line with numerous inside 50s and it was Lucas S who capitalised with the first goal of the game.

Angus Y also featured with a sensational mark in the pocket and Lachlan T continued the fast tackling pace winning the team a couple of free kicks.

The second quarter also started well with William W showing how to spin out of the pack, pick up the ball, dodge a tackle and deliver to Otto R-S who slotted another major for the team.

Otto had a little purple patch with some great marks, big kicks and accurate passing. The team continued the forward pressure and Ned J slotted the next goal from deep in the pocket. Some more great tackling from Dylan who seemed to be at every contest saw Ben M gain the ball out of the backline and run through the middle. He delivered to Caleb C who carried the ball all the way to the forwards for another inside 50.

Max T continued with the defensive pressure booting a long kick from full back to commence another attack forward.

Super Coach was getting excited and barking out the orders from the sideline. It’s great to know the kids take notice as Ben M kicked in completely the opposite direction to the Super Coach’s instructions!

After half time, the game bogged down a little as the Giants stepped up a notch. Dylan and William W continue to do the hard yards and Finn M also livened up and made an effort to be at every contest on offer.  No goals in this quarter but still plenty of commitment from the team.

The final quarter started well with yet some more brilliance from Dylan B. He blocked a Giants kick on goal, gained possession and ran it out of defence. William W continued his form too after coming back from an injury that saw him come from the field.

Dylan got a little carried away and ran on to kick a goal that unfortunately didn’t count as in this comp, only forwards can kick goals! [Gotta learn the rules guys!!!].It wasn’t long after when Lucas S was on the receiving end from a great mark / pass from Caleb C, and slotted another major for Drummoyne.

The siren sounded and the boys had put in a spectacular effort for just their second game in the juniors format. It was great to see the team work, calling for the ball and general thought put into the play. We have a talented side on our hands here; go Teal !!!