Round 15 – Drummoyne U11 Local Derby – The mother of all contests

You could feel the excitement building at Five Dock Park, even before the preceding game had finished. In round 3 at Bat and Ball, Power White had a convincing 79-28 win over Power Black. The long awaited rematch was finally here, and with Black on equal 4th on the ladder, a crucial game against the competition leaders.

The first quarter was tough. White spent most of the quarter attacking relentlessly. But the Black defence just kept on defending. Ethan, Jonty, Alex H and Luke were tireless, looking out for each other, and keeping the goals clear. On a few occasions, the momentum shifted and the ball travelled the length of the field into an attacking position, but White kept coming. Black’s first line of defence upfield taking effect, Jasper tackling strongly and keeping the ball forward and Jarvyse laying some very effective tackles in the mids. This quarter was all about defence. The single point scored off the boot of Alex P.

Quarter time Black 0-1-1 White 0-0-0

The second quarter saw the Black midfield start to fire. Some great hand-ball and kick combinations between Damian and Luke, Mikhail and Denver, and the momentum was starting to shift. A scrambling run up the wing by Luke delivered the ball to Lucca within scoring range, and score he did. Hamish in the middle took a cracking mark, shortly followed by another. No one knew his game was in doubt with a hand injury, but he wasn’t going to miss this game! Marlowe was playing consistent sensible footy. Nick, Damian and Denver combined to come very close to scoring, but White was defending equally as strong. Toby took the next important mark with a booming kick between the big sticks. Late in the quarter White scored a well-deserved goal, and Denver and Alex P combined for a behind after the half time siren.

Half Time Black 2-2-14 White 1-0-6

The intensity of the game didn’t let up. Actually it increased! Ethan took a heavy tackle but bounced back strongly.  Alex H made some great saves in our defending goal square as White continued the attack., hitting the post for a minor score. Toby was running through the middle, and Russell ever consistent in both attack and defense.  Jackson won a penalty in our own half connecting with Jonty who was also fouled – then kicked to Alex then Damian for another hard-to-come-by-point.  Alex H continuing the great pressure and clearance kicks between our posts. A point to each team this quarter.

Three Quarter Time Black 2-3-15 White 1-1-7

The final quarter… started with a two quick behinds to White. The toughness of Hamish and Cooper starts to shine as the intensity yet increases. Luke makes a few hard tackles to win the ball. Then gets well tackled in response. There’s no player on either team giving anything up here. Late in the final quarter Lucca scores a behind then Nick slots only the fourth goal of the game.

Full Time Black 3-4-22 White 1-3-9

This was the lowest scoring game in Division 2 this year – showing how great the defence was from both teams.

Power Black has a lot in common with the Sydney Swans. After losing their first 3 games, they have won 9 of the next 11. As the coaches said today – Wow, this is an extraordinary turnaround from the beginning of the season.

Thanks to Power White for a tough, spirited game. It is great to see both Power teams looking set for the finals. Thanks again to Nick and Marlowe for playing up for us.