The last game for U11s as Drummoyne Power at Drummoyne Oval. A sentimental round for the boys after so many years at this great oval. Next year, the kids will graduate to the Canada Bay Cannons. While they’ll still have Drummoyne Oval as their home oval, they won’t be wearing the teal and black.

The day was perfect for the sendoff, and perfect for a match that the boys knew was going to be a hard fight.

First quarter started as expected, both teams came out strong relishing the opportunity to play some strong football.

Jarvyse started with a great mark in defence firing it off to Russell and Toby in the centres. Wests were on the attack and pushing hard to dent the scoreboard.

Mikhail and Jackson turned the ball around and moved forward to the preferred end of play resulting in a goal for Luke who took the mark in front.

Ethan was strong in this quarter with a mark and feed to Denver. Toby was brilliant in the ruck and pushed hard against Wests. Luka was also so strong in defence.

Wests were tough and the boys had to maintain their composure which they did and in the end another goal went to Mikhail.

Second quarter was a great one for Drummoyne. Denver and Alex displayed great team work while Wests pushed forward to the Southern End of the ground.

Russell showed those super fast legs and stayed strong in defence getting the ball back down the right end. There was magnificent ca hase with Samuel and Cooper on the attack – resulting in a goal to Samuel.

Luka got the tap out passing to Luke who executed a huge kick to the goal circle helping Ethan get it right between the middle sticks. Brilliant play.

Another goal to Ethan and Samuel. Alex was impenetrable on the backline taking a huge mark.

Jacob played a fabulous role in this quarter – he was brutal on the attack.

Third Quarter – After a half time pump up from Anthony about staying strong but also about not reacting and staying true to the Drummoyne spirit of fair play – the boys came out firing once again.

Mikhail was having the game of the season on the line – stopping Wests from scoring a number of times right on the goal line.

Damien also saved a few and was throwing himself around the field. Russell was a huge asset in the centres driving the ball to the other end with the help of Luka and Ethan.

Great pressure from Jarvyse in the tackle. Wests were pushing hard but the backs stayed strong. Alex H was key in the backline using his height to block any surgence forward.
Alex P. was also on fire this quarter attacking with all his might. Luke made a tackle that showed his dominance in the game. Hamish took a great grab and delivered the ball to Sam in the goal square which ended in a goal.

Denver also played hard this quarter and he was rewarded with a goal.

Fourth Quarter – The final chance for Drummoyne to show Wests what true footy is about and they delivered. The boys displayed the best team work, supporting each other and encouraging each other constantly.

Hamish took a huge mark with an equally huge kick back down the right end of the field. Jackson and Alex H. pushed hard in defence while Luke basically covered the field determined to seal the deal as Wests got closer on the screen board.

Ethan gave the boys some breathing space with a goal. Jasper helping out in the goal circle making sure Wests were not going to get their hands on the ball. Toby and Russell fought with Wests over the ball up and managed to get it back down our goal end. Cooper backed himself after taking a mark – he played on and it payed off – he scored. The boys had done it. End score 61 – to Wests 44.

The whole team played amazingly well and stayed true to themselves with an honest, well fought game. They deserved the win!

Huge thanks to Samuel, Sam, Nick and Tiger for playing up from U 10s – they displayed true talent and are an asset to Drummoyne Power.

The boys should all be very very proud! On to the finals!