Round 11 – Drummoyne U11 Black vs Glebe Greyounds

Oh where art thou Daceyville?

The families of Under 11 Black have traversed all continents of the globe, trekked and travelled countries, explored cities and discovered regions that are both populated and remote. None, however, have ever been to Daceyville. Daceyville, the home of Australia’s first planned cul-de-sac, is only seven kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, in the middle of everything yet not near anywhere.  It seemed a long way to travel for a local derby against our old rivals, the Glebe Greyhounds.

The travel to Daceyville was well worth it though as our boys shifted their game play up a gear. The free flowing, open play allowed the Power to dominate early. Brilliant open runs from Damien, Lucca, Jarvyse put the Greyhounds under immediate pressure. The defence pack of Hamish, Ethan, Russell, Alex P, Mikhail and Jasper was made of solid rock and impenetrable.

Thank you to our special guest player Yoshi who stepped up to play again after finishing up from the U10s. Yoshi’s efforts ensured a smooth flow of play and absolutely no gaps in the outfield.

The crisp air cracked with the ‘boom-boom-boom’ of the ball off the boots of Cooper, Luc, Ethan and Jarvyse making it rain on a fine sunny day. Alex P, Russell, Lucca all popped the ball between the posts. Alex H’s brilliant contribution via the rucks had the ball flying Power’s way and when he applied his rugby style defence skills the opposition did not stand a chance.

Full credit to the Greyhounds, they did not give up. They dug deep and when it looked like they might score, Damian was right there on the line to thwart the attempt. Power’s brilliant defence never let its guard down.

“Mercy” was called but not by the Greyhounds! It was by our boys in the backs who had so little to do.  Full props to Ethan who played for Greyhounds in the last quarter and was immediately on the receiving end of the Power’s crushing defence. You did both teams proud Ethan, thank you.