Our trip to Picken…

Under 10 Teal v Western Suburbs Magpies

Round 5, Picken Oval

Once again the weather gods smile on us and we were greeted by sunny conditions on the morning of the big game against our old foes, The Western Suburbs Magpies. The broad expanses of Picken Oval, probably the largest ground we play upon, suit the fast-running rebound style of the players of Teal Under 10. Super coach Brian and his trusty whiteboard appeared around 12.30 and the kids gathered round to soak up some wisdom………..

Quarter one

This was a tight and close affair with both teams trying to start on top. Defence was the order of the day and our boys more than matched the physicality of the opposition. Early on Jackson, Zac and Benjamin all got their stats rolling with multiple touches and kicks. Tom spent some time in the rucks and delivered a number of clean hit outs. William got his hands on the ball and Tom C (who came across from Silver for a hit out) made a number of tough tackles. Jack G was tight around the stoppages throughout. Our forward line was kept quite but our backs were brilliant and the quarter ended without the scoreboard attendants having to get out of their seats.

Quarter two

A few positional changes and some words from the coaching staff and boy what a difference in the second quarter. Ethan missed a simple shot on goal (by his high standards) then recalibrated and slotted home the first major of the afternoon. Benjamin switched to the centres and started rack up the clearances. Tom C continued to harass the opposition and was rewarded with a few turnovers. Bill started running off the half-back flank, linking up with Jackson and Josh W wide out on the wing. Josh G chipped in with some solid overhead marking under heavy pressure and we headed to the long break with a clear lead.

Quarter three

In what seemed like a carbon copy of the second quarter an early goal to Ethan got the boys on the right track. He was kicking fluently now and obviously sage words from the runner earlier had been well received. Jackson started using the wings to full advantage and Zac followed suit, running wide into the open spaces Picken is loved for. Big Josh and William N combined to keep the ball coming out of the centre of the ground and worked hard at the stoppages. In the backline Lucian and Bill worked hard and made sure West’s did not score. Late in the quarter Bill smothered what would have been a certain goal off the foot of their renown goal sneak. The ball spilled out onto the wing and was rapidly transferred onto the goal line where Tom scored his first major for the club.

Quarter four

The boys lifted for the final quarter, urged by Supercoach Peter to keep going. All boys made an effort and we were unlucky not to see more goals. Ethan added another long range effort to bring his tally up to three for the day. Lucian was switched onto the forward line and made an impact there, using his skills with the ball on the ground to cause nightmares for the defence. The run out of halfback by Zac and Benjamin kept the forwards well supplied. A late conciliatory goal from Wests opened their scoring for the day but as the siren sounded it was clear to all who had one


A great team game. All of Supercoach Brian’s instructions and tasks were completed. The song was sung with gusto and much burgers and Powerade were consumed in the post-game feasting.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Special mention to the couple of West’s players who wore number 30 and filled in well

Goal kickers

Ethan and Tom

It was hard to do the match report and take pictures at same time so for the real story check out the pictures below