Bryson umpires U9

Club MVP Bryson: Umpire

Club MVP Bryson: Umpire

Last weekend’s round was Community Umpiring Round, supporting umpires at a grassroots level.

While we’d like to nominate ALL our umpires this week as Club MVPs for Round 5, we’ve had to pick one… so this week Club MVP is Bryson:

Plays: U14s for our youth side, Canada Bay Cannons (although not at the moment because he has a cast on his wrist. Bryson broke his scaphoid bone while smothering a ball in a game in Round One… really putting his body on the line for his team!).

Umpires: U9-U11

How long have you been umpiring? This is my third year.

How many games have you umpired this weekend? Two, they were both U9.

Favourite grade to umpire? U11, just because the skills are better it is more fun.

Why do you like umpiring? It gives me something to do on a Saturday rather than sitting at home, and I get paid, so that is good. The best thing about umpiring is probably getting to spend time with new people and making new friends.

What is the worst thing about umpiring? Paperwork.

Umpires train once a week. What do you do at training? We do a lot of theory work and sometimes do some fitness work. The other night we were doing a lot of laps. We mostly focus on weaknesses from the coaches’ reports that previous weekend.

Ever cop any abuse as an umpire? A little bit, but generally you just warn the players and they stop.

Would you recommend umpiring? Definitely. It is a lot of fun and you get to meet new people… and you get paid!

Congratulations Bryson,  you are the Club MVP for Round 5. We’ll be entering Bryson in the Sydney Swans weekly Club MVP competition. The Swans are asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP – it could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game. And we know Bryson is a huge Swans fan.

About umpires

Each week we need more than 300 umpires across AFL NSW/ACT and it is critical that we work together to create a positive atmosphere for umpires.

While we may not agree with an umpire’s call, we always need to respect their authority on the field. No player, parent or official is permitted to approach an umpire to question a decision at any time.

If you have any concerns about the standard of umpiring, let your coach or manager know and they’ll take it through the proper channels. Please remember they are working hard and doing their best. Just like our players and even parents, umpires are not perfect!

We also need to remember that many of the umpires at our game are young, and still learning, so give them the space they need to do that.

Drummoyne Power has a great record of producing umpiring talent. If any family is interested in the umpiring program we strongly encourage you to give it a go – our club is leading the way with junior umpires and it’s a great way to become a leader and earn some pocket money.

Becoming an umpire is an excellent way for kids to learn not only the rules of the game but also to learn the way the game moves and flows. This can be a very valuable tool when umpires are playing the game themselves.

If you have any questions about umpiring, please contact our Umpire Ambassador, Gavin Nelson.