U8 White v U8 Black Round 5

Gala Draws and Finals for Saturday Teams: U5-U11

Gala Day Draws and Finals: U5-U11

Gala Day draws are out and your MANAGER is the best source of information. Always follow their directions, but here’s a summary. Note: The time referred to is the time of your first game. Your manager will want you there earlier. Length of Gala Days vary, but allow an hour to an hour-and-a-quarter.

WEEK 1: Saturday 16 August

U5 will be at Five Dock, 8.15am

U6 will be at Wagener, 8.15am

U7 Teal will be at Goddard, 9.30am

U7 Black and Silver will be at Five Dock, 9.30am

U8 Silver and White, at Wagener, 11am

U8 Black and Teal, at Wagener, 12pm

U9 Teal and White will be at Five Dock, 11am.

U9 Silver and Black will be at Five Dock, 12.30pm.

U10 Black is at Wagener Oval, 1.15pm

U10 Silver is at Goddard, 1.15pm

U10 Teal is at Goddard, 2.35pm

U11 Black will play Newtown Red at Five Dock at 3.30pm

U11 Teal will play Glebe at Five Dock at 2pm

That will end the season for U5 to U7. Parents, make sure you join us for the end of season function on 28 August, and kids, we’ll see you at Presentation Day on Sunday 20 September.

We hope to see our Auskickers back for another awesome season next year.

WEEK 2: SECOND Gala Day on 22 August for U8-U11.

Significant changes to original draw. Please see updated post.

WEEK 3: THIRD Gala Day (Preliminary Finals) on Saturday 29 August for U9 to U11.

U9 and U10 will have Preliminary Final Gala Day on 29th August –  again that depends on performance – with the top 8 teams going through. All games will be at Jubilee Oval. Times will vary. We will advise.

WEEK 4: GRAND FINALS WEEK on Saturday 4 September.

U9 and U10 Gala Day Grand Finals will be held on Saturday 5 September at Picken Oval with the top four teams going through. U9s will start at 11am, and U10s at 12.30pm.

Grand Finals for U11 Division 1 and 2 will be at Picken at 2pm (Div 2) and 1pm (Div 1)