Drummoyne U9 Silver v U9 White – Saturday 11th July – Round 11

U9 Drummoyne Power Silver v U9 Drummoyne Power White

Round 11, Drummoyne Oval

Silver Match Report

A sublime, sunny winter day met us at Drummoyne Oval.  Being the end of school holidays, we had a few boys away, but everyone that turned up was in great spirits and ready to play.

Q1.  Silver started with a bang; some great passing in the opening seconds almost led to a goal.  For the rest of the quarter everyone worked together with a lot of passing and quick thinking.  Miles M., Alex and Fionn disposed of the ball superbly, while Xabi took a couple of solid marks.  Miles E. produced a nice kick from the centre, while Sam put his body on the line to stop a certain goal, and Xabi and Lukas went in for good, strong tackles.  Alex kicked a goal, with three behind from Jacob and Alex.

We rested on our laurels a bit in the second quarter, and were forced into defence for most of the time.  White came at us hard, but we managed to put on good pressure to keep the scoring down.  We had some great tackling from Jasper V., Hamish, Sam and Jacob, as well as nice “rip ‘n’ kick” from Miles M.  Fionn kicked well, and Hamish shadowed keenly.  Angus passed and kicked well, too – almost scoring a point.  We had one rushed behind, but it wasn’t the best quarter for Silver.

Q3. Coach Sam’s pep talk must have struck a chord, as the team came out in the third quarter with more gusto.  Both teams were more evenly matched this time.  We didn’t kick a goal, but we played much better as a team with some excellent defence from Xabi, Hamish , Fionn, Jacob, Miles M., Miles E. and Jasper V.  Sam did a clean kick,  as did Alex while Fionn blocked and ran well.  Xabi took a confident mark.

Q4. The boys were really pumped now, and came out with a purpose.  From the first whistle they were keeping the ball moving and managed to score two goals.  The first by Lukas, and the second by Jacob from a nice kick down the field from Miles E.  Jacob also took a couple of excellent marks, with Xabi kicking the ball away under pressure well.  Miles E. handballed under pressure well, and in fact, the whole centre worked very well closing down the opposition.  Alex was completely pummelled by an overzealous tackle — two, in fact — but got up to fight another day!


A great game from both teams.  Everyone played well and fairly, and each and every boy tried their best.  Top work!


21 – 15  (Silver)

Goal kickers

Alex, Lukas, Jacob


Thanks to Pat, Sam and Mark (for acting as an extra set of eyes).  Great work from the umpire, too.