Drummoyne U5 vs East Sydney Bulldogs

Drummoyne Power U5 v East Sydney Bulldogs

Round 8, Trumper Park

Saturday 28 May

The mighty Drummoyne Under 5s had an early start this morning to make the long trek east to Trumper Park in sub-Arctic conditions.

Our opposition, the East Sydney Bulldogs, have a fearsome reputation but they knew trouble was afoot when coach Paul insisted the field be doubled in size to allow his boys room to run. This proved to be an ace tactical move by the wily coach and the game was a Drummoyne goal-fest from the outset.

Early in the first quarter Oscar set the tone for the match with a strong run out of the centre, followed by a long kick to Toby who slotted a quick behind with a huge grin. This was repeated 5 times in the quarter – long runs from Oscar and accurate passes to his teammates. Toby found his range with two goals and Koji didn’t need to be asked twice, also slotting a six-pointer. Basty deployed his deceptive loping stride to befuddle the opposing defenders – it might look like a casual jog but is near impossible to stop. Eli, our fresh import, had his first touch of the season with a booming kick to quash a rare attacking move from Easts.

Momentum was sustained in the second quarter as the Drummoyne Pre-school alumni teamed up with some set-piece moves. Toby cleared the ball to Neddy in the centres who booted it upfield to Oscar who neatly finished off with a goal on more than one occasion. Classmate Riley had a standout moment with a fingertip defensive mark right in the goal mouth before a quick pass to initiate another pre-school playground manoeuvre. Koji got in on the action and and gabbed two more goals off passes from Frank. Play was marred by an ugly incident late in the quarter which saw Frankie led off-field to receive medical attention from his experienced grandfather, Frank senior.

Frankie bravely led the team back on the field in the final quarter and earned himself the coveted coach’s award. He booted three goals just to make his point. Fancy footwork was on display as Oscar unleashed his trademark Campese goose-step in the centre before launching the ball forward. Riley matched this effort with some snappy sidesteps and a couple of short range goals. Neddy got under a booming kick from Oscar for a courageous mark and made a quick dash for his first of two goals. Koji and the lads in defence stifled a late fightback from Easts and if we were keeping score – which we’re not! – the scoreboard would have told a compelling story as the final hooter blew.

Well done lads! A huge thank you to coach Paul for his tireless work each week, and to Alison for managing everything behind the scenes.