Drummoyne Power White VS Newtown Swans (under 7s) – Round 1

Drummoyne Power U7 White vs Newtown Swans

Round 1

The heavens provided a glorious sunny autumn morning for the opening match of the season between the Drummoyne Power (Under 7 White) and Newtown Swans. Our boys entered the opposition territory with enthusiasm and were ready for the clash. Final encouraging words and tactical advice from coach Nathan led the way to what was to be a cracker of a game.

From the ball up, our boys dominated the first quarter. Goals were aplenty from our forwards; man of the match Koji who was involved in almost every play; rookie Lachlan who kicked an outstanding 15 metre goal and the tenacious Tyler who marked fiercely. Our backs were left to enjoy the game as ‘spectators’. However, half way through the first quarter the Swans decided to lift their game and our boys were under intense pressure. Liam fearlessly smothered a ball which was sure to be a goal. His agility enabled him to regather the ball and kick it away from the goal line, however, the ball bounced awkwardly. Jeremy’s athletic prowess enabled him to scoop the ball up, outrun the defenders and kick a torpedo of a ball downfield which was marked by the omnipresent Oscar H, who then disposed of it with stealth precision to his forward for a goal. It was a gameplay that was executed to perfection. They played as a cohesive unit, with sensational hand passes, courageous marks and goals which sent the Drummoyne crowds wild.

The second quarter started off in similar fashion to the first. Baxter’s powerful and accurate arm saw the Power win continuous ball ups from the middle. Benjamin’s nimble side steps enabled him to beat the opposition time and time again, disposing the ball through skilful kicks and hand passes. Our defenders again were given some time to socialise whilst they waited for the ball to intermittently reach their end. An exciting second quarter resulted in more goals from all the forwards with the occasional behind.

The third quarter opened up quite evenly. Our backs were constantly under attack. Phoenix proved to be instrumental in stopping the Swans score at almost every instance. His ability to smother numerous balls and quick play up the middle to our forwards resulted in goals for the Power at every opportunity. The Swans were able to take sensational marks, yet our boys applied intense pressure to force many behinds and the opposition’s goals rarely eventuated. Our boys played with passion, with integrity and unselfishly as they continually passed or kicked to their team mates to share the scoring. There was a contribution of either a goal or a behind from EVERY Power player.

It was an exciting game to watch and a game our boys deserved to win with all their hard training during the weeks leading up to the opening round. A big thank you to coach Nathan for his coaching skills which achieved an outstanding result for Drummoyne Power.

Well done boys! It was a comprehensive win to the Power and a tremendous start to our season.

We are ready for Round 2 at home next week!