Drummoyne Power vs. Concord Giants. Under 6s

Drummoyne Power U6 vs Concord Giants

Round 15, Saturday 5th August 2017

It was a beautiful clear morning approaching spring at Five Dock Oval, the sky was clear and the grass was only slightly wet. Perfect conditions for our little guys to get out and enjoy a game. Although we had no jerseys, that wasn’t going to stop us. The game started right on time. We had Caroline leading the boys and controlling the game.

1st Quarter

Well it was straight into it for Drummoyne, a winning tap-out and the ball was heading up to our forwards. A great mark was taken by Ned, who ran it up to close to the goal posts and goal! We’re away first points on the board.

We saw some great team work and the ball was being passed around freely. Our boys were on attack. Before we knew it Ned, scores again.

We saw Ben take a nice run up and pass over to Oscar M, who kicked right between the posts.

We temporarily lost possession and Concord was at our goals. But strong defence and a great block prevented any goals. Jack intercepted a pass and ran it up followed by a powerful boot. Picked up by Ben, and again passed to Oscar M. Kick another goal!

98 picked up the ball and a massive kick got it up to our forwards to get on the attack. We saw a few long runs from Jack followed by a strong kicks. Unfortunately we never got another goal in Concord’s defence was waking up.

Right before the end of quarter, Concord scored.

2nd Quarter

Jeremy was a star a get getting hold of the ball and running up. Drummoyne forwards were on the attack again. Unfortunately a pass got intercepted and it was up the other end of the field in no time followed by a Concord goal.

Jack got hold of the ball, passes to Hunter who runs it and big kick, goal!

Sebastian kicks it up to forward nicely. Before I know it another Drummoyne goal. So quick in-fact I never seen who kicked it.

Koji wins the tap-out, well done. The ball was being passed around and Concord picked up a dropped ball, and managed to get it up to goal and score.

Drummoyne score again in no time, again I missed the kicker and the lead up. (Sorry.)

Concord have possession and making ground on us, but brilliant defence from our boys didn’t let it through, particularly strong block put in by Jack.

Isaac took the tap-out Drummoyne are in control again, the ball is passed to 98 who kicks another goal.

Quarter 3

Started with a good run and kick to forwards from Oscar M. No goal happened this time, the ball was back with Ned whom booted it from mid-field to our forwards again. There was a bit of wrestling and shoving trying to get the ball off the ground. Oscar M passes to Isaac, great kick, 1 pointer scored.

Before you know it Isaac has the ball again and kicks a perfect 6 pointer this time.

Concord are back in the game and the ball is up at our goals, and unfortunately 2 got through. But we didn’t make it easy for them. There was some excellent defence. Ben was getting in the middle of pack and coming out with the ball regularly. However our guys dropped a few passes.

Ned won the tap-out and passes to Koji who puts in a massive kick. Goal ! Straight away backed up by Jack putting a 6 pointer in too.

The game is getting tighter and Concord are fighting back. Ned passes to Isaac, kick, but blocked, he caught it back and kicked again. Goal !

End of Game

We’re not supposed to keep score, but I think it is fair to say Drummoyne won this game.

Great game to watch and truly is amazing the progress the boys have made during the season. I think ball skills have improved a lot, the boys are sticking to their assigned positions and most impressive team work is happening. Well done, boys.

We thank our opposition for a good game, huddle around for the team song and wait to see who wins the award this week. BEN !! Congratulations

Thankyou all. Big thanks to Caroline, Sarah, and Lucas.

I apologise if I have missed anyone. It was difficult today with no jerseys to refer to numbers.