Finlay U5 2015

Club MVP

Club MVP – Round One

The Sydney Swans are holding a weekly Club MVP competition, asking each junior Club to nominate a weekly MVP for our Club. The MVP could be a player, an official or volunteer around the grounds. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans game.

So, who to select for Round One? How about our registrar, Simon Osborne? In the job for just a few weeks, he has processed hundreds of registrations in preparation for round one, generating seemingly endless streams of updated team lists.

What about our other committed board members – Jeremy Stanwix, Adrian Walton, Milan Serovich, Damon Jones, Warren Hart? They’ve put in hours above and beyond what’s expected to get the Club ready for Round One.

Or our Auskick Coordinator Megan Chandra? She has the mind-boggling job of slotting kids into teams, taking into account their friendship groups and skill levels (“people-tetris”, she calls it).

Could it be those the coaches and managers who have devoted time and energy to organising our 20+ teams to get on the field? Some have taken up the slack for more than one team.

All worthy contenders for the MVP role.

We volunteer because our kids love AFL. It’s a great sport – whether you’re aiming for the big time, or just in it for “fun, friendship and fitness” – and Drummoyne Power is a fabulous Club, with a strong community spirt and volunteer ethic.

Watching kids take the field yesterday for Round One, which went off without a hitch – even despite a last minute wet-weather ground switch –  was pretty satisfying for those of us who have put so much effort into launching this season.

And, for that reason, we’ve chosen Finlay from our mighty U5s. He is just one of dozens of kids in our club – across all age groups – who experienced AFL for the first time in Round One.

For the past couple of years, Finlay’s been on the sidelines every week  – on game day and at training –  watching his big brother Raff play for Drummoyne Power.

Yesterday, it was finally his turn and he played his heart out for our U5s, earning the coach’s award for best on ground in a team of future champions. Congratulations Finlay! You’re our Club MVP for Round One!