Archie, U11 Teal

Club MVP: Archie Gillies, U11 Teal

Club MVP: Archie Gillies, U11 Teal

It was a glorious day for AFL on Saturday, and with plenty of kids in action, we’ve found this week’s Club MVP in the ranks of U11 Teal, which is coached by Clint Hawthorne and Damian Leonard. Coach Clint can give some background about this week’s MVP nomination: Archie Gillies.

“As coaches, Damian and I aim to help develop our young players with all the skills and qualities that they need to achieve the most that they can out of their footy careers while also preparing them for the rigours that their teenage years and later life might throw at them.

“Week in week out and year on year we nurture and guide our players with the aim being to see constant improvement in our playing group. However, the level that each player improves is largely as a result of the effort that they put in and that individual’s personal desire to improve.”

The words “effort” and “desire” are two words that certainly apply to Archie. In fact, Coach Clint says he’d also add the words “passion”, “courage” and “determination”.

Archie has been playing with Drummoyne Power for a few seasons now, and Coach Clint says “something clicked” with Archie this year.

“I’m not sure that we can pinpoint exactly what prompted that ‘CLICK’, however I believe it is a combination of his effort and desire to improve as a footy player; the added confidence he has developed through regular participation at training; the love, support and encouragement that he gets from his family; and no doubt the great example that he receives in the backyard AFL battles with his brother.

“Damien & I are both former AFL players giving back to the game we love and the change that we have seen in Archie this year is so encouraging. It’s certainly been a highlight for both of us and we look forward to watching ‘Brownlow’ (as he is now nicknamed) continue to grow and improve in his footy career with the mighty Drummoyne Power.”

Archie’s team played against the Moore Park Tigers at Drummoyne Oval last weekend, and while they didn’t win, it was a great contest and probably the team’s best performance this year. After the game, the two teams formed one circle, to sing both club songs. Because they won the game, the Moore Park Tigers theme song was the first to be belted out by the enthusiastic kids, followed by the Drummoyne Power song.

“We all saw the AFL players form a circle after the game when Phil Walsh died recently and I just though that it was a spirited and uplifting way to finish a game of footy,” Coach Clint said.

“I’ve also seen this done when watching my nephew play on a recent trip to WA to visit my family. In fact, in WA, they do this every game, and in addition they get all the NEW kids in the middle and spray them with water… just like they do on the TV. Moving forward I’d like to do this each week…”

What a great way to teach kids about sportsmanship and the value of AFL community!

Congratulations Archie on being nominated the Club’s MVP this week. Every week the Swans ask junior clubs to nominate an MVP. If our entry is selected, the nominee wins four tickets to a Swans home game. Good luck, Archie, we know you’re a big Swannies fan, so we hope you win!

Joint team song