U15 Youth Girls vs Willoughby Mosman

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls vs Willoughby Mosman Swans

Round 7, Middle Head Oval

This was supposed to be the weekend of the big wet but Sunday at Mosman was beautiful. The girls had just come off two very close games so were keen to attack the big guns of Mosman.

Chiara did a fantastic job of coaching her first game with the u15s and we were excited to welcome four new players to the team.

The first quarter started off positive with Afeni scoring the first goal but then things started to get a bit tougher for Drummoyne and the heat certainly wasn’t helping!

In the second and third quarters Drummoyne held their own and surprised the opposition with some big kicks from Gabi and Afeni and excellent work by Miranda in the full forwards. Nurahne and Kyza were running machines and took some fantastic leads across the field. Grace, Imogen and Lara showed true grit when surrounded by the opposition and still managed to offload the ball. Roxy and Jaydee did some strong shepherding against players that were at least twice their height.

The Mosman girls were strong and tall but the little Drummoyne team still managed to take them to the ground. The best tackle of the game was when Kyza and Afeni showed no mercy and brought the biggest Mosman player to the ground. Hazel and Geena took some fantastic marks and really helped in the centre-back.

In the final quarter Mosman pulled away and managed to score a couple of last minute goals taking the win. The u15 youth girls have shown amazing skill development over the last couple of weeks and are working together as a team.

Bring on the next game!

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls VS Western Suburbs Magpies

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls v Western Suburbs

Round 5, Sunday 7 May

A warm welcome to new player Miranda.

Birthday wishes to Afeni – we couldn’t miss it, there were balloons and Happy Birthday was enthusiastically sung in the change room after the game!

Acting coach Jeremy proclaimed this the strongest game for the U15 girls to date. The team played really well with the final score of 18 Drummoyne Power to 17 Wests Magpies reflecting a hard fought victory.

The first quarter began with the Magpies scoring two goals in quick succession, soon followed by a goal by Hazel against the wind. After that our girls really stepped up the defence and pressure, allowing the opposition to score only two more points in the remaining three quarters. Some great chest marks were taken by Nurahne, Lucinda, Hazel, Cheneale, Laura, Gaby and Afeni.

The second quarter was decisively won by Power, keeping the pressure on and not allowing the Magpies to add to their score. Consistent in their strong form our girls won the third and fourth quarters, adding five more points to the scoreboard. Laura scored a great goal with a big left kick. Nurahne showed consistent form throughout with some good runs, tackles and marks. Kyza and Lucinda both covered a lot of ground and together with Afeni were strong tacklers.

Our U15 girls seem to be hitting their stride and we look forward to them continuing to show us their form and grit.

Drummoyne Power defeated Western Suburbs Magpies 2.6.18 to 2.5.17

Go Power!

U15 Youth Girls – Round 3

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls v Southern Power

Round 3, Heathcote Oval

It was a hot day and big field at Heathcote. Drummoyne played a tough game where the score doesn’t do justice the persistence and hardwork of the Drummoyne girls who got better throughout the game.

In the first quarter the ball was stuck in our back half. Strong tackling and shepherding by our defenders kept Southern Power to only one goal despite relentless attempts. Long clearances from Gabby at fullback really helped.

The second quarter was more contested with better running onto the ball.

Drummoyne players got more used to the long, narrow, field and there was some good running and bouncing.

In the third quarter the Drummoyne girls held their own and the opposition scored only three behinds. Gabby cleared with some long boot-outs from the back. Imogen, Lucinda and Jess did some good marking and shepherding. Thamey and Lara applied good pressure. Hazel and Afeni won some clean possession. Again Afeni, Gabby and Lucinda covered some long distances up field running and bouncing the ball and Grace and Roxy put in some good tackles and handballs in the forward half.

The fourth quarter Drummoyne got on the scoreboard. A mark by Hazel led to a straight kick on goal but a bit of a mixup meant Imogen had to win the ball again from a free to get the kick directly in front. It was some small reward for a hard-fought game. Well done girls!

Southern Power defeated Drummoyne Power 5.6.36 to 1.0.6

U15 Youth Girls – Round 4

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls v Maroubra Saints

Round 4, Sunday 30 April

WOW! First home game of the season at Drummoyne Oval, and the playing ground was in absolutely perfect condition, topped off by sunshine aplenty.

With many of the girls returning back from their school holidays, spirits were high.

The first quarter was played hard, Gabby, Afeni and Imogen worked hard defensively, getting quite physical right from the start. The opposition was the only team to score in this period.

Second quarter saw Drummoyne keep Maroubra from scoring any points for the period. The U12 players, backing up for U15s, started to come into the game with Laura providing some impressive footwork with the ball in hand up in the mid-field. Jessalyn had some great results in the ruck, coming away with the ball on several occasions. Still no luck with any points on the score board.

After the half time break, the girls ran on recharged and keen for the ball. The mid-field efforts of Nurahne were relentless on the ball. On several occasions there were clearing kicks that very nearly put the team into a scoring opportunity.

In the final quarter the scoring of points still eluded them. Imogen continued to put her physical efforts into some heavy shepherding. The girls played to the final horn, in a proud and good sportsmanlike manner.


U15 Youth Girls – Round 2

U15 Youth Girls Drummoyne Power vs Queenwood

Round Two, St Luke’s Oval

A big cheer onto the ground for Gabby Stanwix who played her 200th game today. Well done Gabby.

Welcome to Grace, and thanks to Laura and Zara from YGU12 who played up today.

Fired up by an U12s guard of honour, Drummoyne started strongly. Afeni took some strong marks in the midfield to win possession for Drummoyne. A great spoil by Gina was followed by a mark by Lucinda and a goal. The centre forwards were tenacious in tackling and scrapping for the ball and Grace showed great skill in getting the ball off the ground. The quarter finished with Drummoyne a point behind. In the second quarter it seemed to go all Queenwood’s way. Structurally, they were quick to flood forward and with height and numbers they kicked several goals.

At half-time, Coach Jeremy reiterated “three ‘golden’ rules: tackle hard, shepherd, and lead”. The girls recited these rules as they ran back on, and responded superbly by wining the third quarter. Afeni and Lucinda were reliable in the backs, Gabby and Jess were everywhere in the midfield and the ball was mostly in the forward 50. Imogen and Thamey applied relentless pressure, and Roxy, Geena, Grace and Hazel chased down, tackled and handballed well. Zara, Laura, Imogen and Lara peppered the goal for one major score and six behinds. The final quarter was again defensive with good pressure and tackling all round. While Queenwood finished with the premiership points, our  girls played with effort and heart.

Information for New Families

Unfortunately, our new family orientation sessions this year were cancelled (twice!) due to wet weather.

We apologise that we were not able to schedule this briefing session.

Please download the attached information. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Swans fans

Swans Training Session Moved


Swans Club Visit moving to the Pavilion (the room above the Greg Davis Stand) at Drummoyne Oval.

Same start time: 4.45pm. Bring your permanent markers, bring your Swans gear, bring your cameras…. and bring your friends!

There will be no sessions at Russell Park. All players to meet at Drummoyne Oval.

U5 Round 1

Updated 4pm 14 March: wet weather training

Auskickers from U5-U7, we’re playing it safe and moving you to Five Dock Indoor Cricket Centre for training at the special time of 4pm.

Training will be indoor from 4pm-5pm (the only time available).

Special call out for parent helpers today – some of our regular coaches can’t make the earlier time so please don’t hesitate to get involved.

U8, your training had been shifted by your age group coordinators to Thursday, with the special Swans Club Visit and Training Session. See you then. If you are desperate for a kick today, join in with the U7s.

The Five Dock Indoor Cricket Centre is located at Unit 1/126 Queens Road, Five Dock. Map reference here.

U9-U10 and Youth Girls: Five Dock Park has been reassessed by the Council and is now CLOSED. If your team/age group has a Plan B – perhaps a fitness session off-field – that will be communicated at a team level so please check your emails.

If these training sessions are outdoors, they MUST be cancelled if there is any thunderstorm activity. Safety is our priority.

U11 practice match at St Luke’s Oval Concord is cancelled.

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