U15-1 Youth Girls: Round 5 Match Report

Under 15-1 Youth Girls v Maroubra Saints

Round 5

Drummoyne Power 5.6 (36) def by Maroubra Saints 6.6 (42)

Match report by Matthew

Who knew a one goal loss could be such a great game for the Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls! The morning started with a panic as we tried to get a full team roster together. Thanks to the support of Maroubra who lent us an additional player throughout the afternoon to ensure the contest could go ahead. 

The Saints arrived at St Lukes with an enviable record of four wins from four games and were proudly sitting at the top of the table. It was looking like a daunting task even before the kick off and the potential for a Mother’s Day massacre was threatening. 

It was cold, windy and grey. A few drops of rain were threatening but held off for at least the game time drama. None of this bothered the Saints; they were there to play and there to win. A very quick and skilled team showed us why they are premiership leaders with some great running, passing and kicking. The first half ending in the blink of an eye with Power not disturbing the scorers 0 and Saints 3.3 (18).

Not that we weren’t trying, but we seemed to be just that little behind as the second quarter was midway through. We managed to slow them up with some great contests all over the ground. When we did get into our attacking zone we missed a few opportunities. Power scored two behinds, Saints two goals and three behinds for a halftime score two to 36, Saints on top. 

There must have been a special halftime speech by Super Coach Stanwix in the sheds because outside it was looking more miserable by the minute.

The third quarter bounce saw a clash of the titans that hasn’t featured at St Lukes since the four new sticks went up at each end and Aussie Rules was the main game. The ruckwomen Powers, Lucinda (33) and Saints Ellie (6) squared off for a mighty contest. Both girls products of Randwick rugby fathers who played in the 80s and 90s during a golden period of their sport. The girls did not stray far from the gene pool, Ellie was quick and tough similar to her father Tas a solid, bustling strong running winger for the Wicks. Lucinda was powerful and strong coming from a tight forward pedigree but certainly a little more graceful.

What a joy to watch! There were clashes from the very first tap down. Then there were hips and shoulders as each tried to our muscle the other in the middle. And then there were elbows and knees…OK, I am getting carried away. 

Anyway, by no means were the rest of the Powers sitting still, they were in there scrapping for the ball and suddenly the Saints didn’t look so settled. Although well in front, the Saints got limited possession and when they did get the ball the pressure from the defence was immense. The pressure paid off and late in the third quarter, Lucinda landed a lucky snap at goals into the wind and Q3 ended with Power scoring eight to Saints six –  but we were still a long way gone: Drummoyne Power 1.4 (10) to Maroubra Saints 6.6 (42).

More magic happened as the girls took in water and instructions in preparation for the final quarter. At 32 points behind with a quarter to go, the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in, and all anyone on the sideline wanted was the final whistle so they could head home for a cup of tea.

On field, the enthusiasm of the third quarter continued straight into the start of quarter four. The contests were tough in the middle from the first bounce and continued around the whole ground and it was a great effort from all the girls. With the wind at their backs, the Power girls were starting to get on top in the contests and from there we were finding space to get some clear kicks in. The goals followed. Serena, who stepped up to help out for the day, potted a goal, soon followed by Lucinda with her second for the day. Laura from deep, deep in the forward pocket kicked a beautiful goal from a very tight angle and suddenly the crowd was alive (well, it certainly woke up the Power supporters anyway!).

Another clean win in the middle bounce had Gabi dashing down the middle of the ground, as she had been doing all day, punching her kicks forward out of the centre to supporting players. This time in full flight she continued to the edge of the 50m circle and drop punted the ball to goal. Caught by a gust of wind it flew over her forward line, over the Saints backline defenders, bounced directly in line with goals about 10m out and then through for a goal.

Old father time was calling, the 4th quarter was a great victory to the Power kicking 4.2 (26) to the Saints 0.0 (0), but in the end Saints had proven themselves to be a better team on the day and took out the game. A great effort from both team and a very exciting finish, even if we fell just short.

Well done both teams!

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U15 Girls Drummoyne Power v Southern Power: Round 12

It was a bright sunny day at Drummoyne Oval in preparation for the 1.30pm kick off. A good turnout with almost a full contingent of girls for a top of the table clash.

The first quarter saw great enthusiasm from the Drummoyne Power girls, but it was Southern who shot to an early lead kicking two goals and two points to lead 14 nil. The quarter was drawing to a close, a minute to go on the clock and “new girl” Cara stepped up and scored her first goal in her first game for the team. Q1 DP 6 v SP 14

Quarter two was a real arm wrestle between the two teams, SP jumped out of the box with two goals and DP only managed two behinds for the quarter. Q2 DP 8 v SP 27

Quarter 3, the championship quarter, saw both teams giving it their all. SP again was quick to score with three goals in the early part of the quarter. Zara, our under 12 fill in player, saved three consecutive goals. DP never gave up kept pushing and scored two goals in succession again by Cara. Q3 DP 24 v SP 47

Quarter four was another very tight tussle between two teams not giving an inch and shoulders thrown everywhere. A very low scoring quarter that saw SP kick only one goal and a few behinds to win the game. Q4 DP 24 v SP 56

It was a good effort all round from DP. The and didn’t give up throughout the whole game with quarters three and four a standout effort from all the girls. Special mention and thanks to all our under 12 players for doubling up.

U15 Youth Girls vs Willoughby Mosman

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls vs Willoughby Mosman Swans

Round 7, Middle Head Oval

This was supposed to be the weekend of the big wet but Sunday at Mosman was beautiful. The girls had just come off two very close games so were keen to attack the big guns of Mosman.

Chiara did a fantastic job of coaching her first game with the u15s and we were excited to welcome four new players to the team.

The first quarter started off positive with Afeni scoring the first goal but then things started to get a bit tougher for Drummoyne and the heat certainly wasn’t helping!

In the second and third quarters Drummoyne held their own and surprised the opposition with some big kicks from Gabi and Afeni and excellent work by Miranda in the full forwards. Nurahne and Kyza were running machines and took some fantastic leads across the field. Grace, Imogen and Lara showed true grit when surrounded by the opposition and still managed to offload the ball. Roxy and Jaydee did some strong shepherding against players that were at least twice their height.

The Mosman girls were strong and tall but the little Drummoyne team still managed to take them to the ground. The best tackle of the game was when Kyza and Afeni showed no mercy and brought the biggest Mosman player to the ground. Hazel and Geena took some fantastic marks and really helped in the centre-back.

In the final quarter Mosman pulled away and managed to score a couple of last minute goals taking the win. The u15 youth girls have shown amazing skill development over the last couple of weeks and are working together as a team.

Bring on the next game!

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls VS Western Suburbs Magpies

Drummoyne Power U15 Youth Girls v Western Suburbs

Round 5, Sunday 7 May

A warm welcome to new player Miranda.

Birthday wishes to Afeni – we couldn’t miss it, there were balloons and Happy Birthday was enthusiastically sung in the change room after the game!

Acting coach Jeremy proclaimed this the strongest game for the U15 girls to date. The team played really well with the final score of 18 Drummoyne Power to 17 Wests Magpies reflecting a hard fought victory.

The first quarter began with the Magpies scoring two goals in quick succession, soon followed by a goal by Hazel against the wind. After that our girls really stepped up the defence and pressure, allowing the opposition to score only two more points in the remaining three quarters. Some great chest marks were taken by Nurahne, Lucinda, Hazel, Cheneale, Laura, Gaby and Afeni.

The second quarter was decisively won by Power, keeping the pressure on and not allowing the Magpies to add to their score. Consistent in their strong form our girls won the third and fourth quarters, adding five more points to the scoreboard. Laura scored a great goal with a big left kick. Nurahne showed consistent form throughout with some good runs, tackles and marks. Kyza and Lucinda both covered a lot of ground and together with Afeni were strong tacklers.

Our U15 girls seem to be hitting their stride and we look forward to them continuing to show us their form and grit.

Drummoyne Power defeated Western Suburbs Magpies 2.6.18 to 2.5.17

Go Power!