U9 white round 1

Under 9 White Round 1

U9 White v Glebe Hounds

Round 1, Five Dock Park

The boys were reunited at Five Dock Park for the first game of the season.

It was also the first game under the new partial contact rules and the Hounds from Glebe gave us a baptism of fire.

In Q1, Harry kicked a great clearing kick, Oscar S took a fine mark in the centres, stand-in Josh was strong in defence as was Finn.  Isaac and Toby were keen tacklers.

In Q2, Harrison fought hard for the ball in the centres, Luke executed some great clearing kicks from the backline and was good in defence generally.  Oliver gave 100% in defence.

In Q3 the boys closed Glebe down letting in only 2 behinds.  Oscar D had some strong kicks and was an effective tackler.  Hugo was tenacious on the ball as usual.

In Q4 the hounds kept coming.  The Power were solid in response.  Luke made a good run in the forward line.  Harrison tackled well.  Finn took 2 good marks.


All in all it was a challenging match against tough opposition with the boys displaying good team spirit on the day.

Great effort boys and lets look forward to the next game.

Outstanding Players/Special Mentions

Harry was the best on field for a solid effort throughout the 4 quarters. Other great efforts on the day were Luke , Oscar , Oscar and Finn


A special thank you to  Josh and Leon for playing up and helping us out on the day.  Leon’s second ever game of footy was 10 minutes after his first!

Thanks to Scott for doing a great job as coach at the last minute.



U9 Match Report – Round 1 (18 April 2015)

Round 1 – U9 Black Match Report

Great first week from the boys – it was pretty clear they were excited to be out there and they all chased the ball and tackled their way to Drummoyne maintaining control of the game.  As a result, each of the boys tended to put in a strong showing when they were in either the centre of the forwards.

First half

Luke got his new team off to a good start by picking up a loose ball and passing in a single motion to a free Damien who ran strongly towards the goal for the first of his 3 majors in a single quarter. Luke also picked out an unmarked Denver with a couple of accurate kicks.  Denver converted both of these opportunities with good kicks from the sideline.

Toby and Lochy C. also chipped in with really good running pick-ups and then quick shots for goal.

William and Cooper were also real stand-outs in the first half with each getting several good touches of the ball.  They both also took strong marks, steadied themselves and kicked long goals.

The defenders didn’t really get much of a chance with the ball during the first half but they were all very focused on marking their Newtown opponents.  Every half-chance Newtown had seemed to be stamped out very quickly.

Second half

Lachy D. started us off well in the second-half and seemed to be in the right places at the right time through-out the half – lots of the good handballs and kicks and some good running with the ball.

With this momentum, we peppered their goals relentlessly throughout the third quarter.  Newtown really struggled with their handballs and accurately kicking out our behinds, this allowed both Russell and Lucas to take over a dozen intercepts and marks.  On the few occasions where the ball hit the ground and the contest was on, Duke was always there to grab the ball or the man.

With the exception of one poor tackle, when Jackson got crushed, the tackling was done fairly by all the boys on the field.  To his credit, Jackson soldiered on bravely and continued to mark his man out of the game.

The real goal saving tackles during the last part of the game were done by William, Denver and Lochy D.

Congratulations to Luke who was awarded the Coach’s award this week for an outstanding ‘first’ game of AFL.

Congrats to all the boys – you handled your first real game of AFL for the season well.

Auskick match report

New! Online Match Reporting

Online Match Reporting

Club, we have a new system for lodging and distributing those all important match reports after the games. They’ll be visible from your team blogs, accessible through your team pages, or through the blog section of this website.

Match reports are now filed online – and the process is really easy. Best of all, you can add photos or videos of your AFL stars. The instructions are outlined in Manager Resources section, and your manager will be able to provide you with user names and passwords.

You will be able to submit your match reports online, pending review by our website coordinator. Best of all, match reports will be able to be shared with your family and friends by using the social media share buttons, at the bottom of the page.

It is a new system for us all, so let us know if you have any difficulties or find any glitches! If you need help, contact Michelle Hauschild.


Junior AFL Tackling

Junior AFL Guide to Tackling

A great guide to tackling in Junior AFL – worth watching for our U9 and U10s!

Register Now!

Club, if you haven’t finalised your registration for Season 2015, now is the time to do that.

While it is never too late to encourage your friends to try AFL, our coaches and managers are trying to finalise the team lists.

If you’re not on their list then you won’t be allocated to a team.

You can’t train and play without being registered and financial – unregistered players are not covered by the Club’s insurances and cannot take the field.

If you have any difficulties with the registration process, then please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

For full details on how to register, see the registration page on this website.

Wet Weather Procedures

AFL is a winter sport, so we sometimes play and train in the rain. (Mud is fun!) Here are some general guidelines about wet weather procedures.

Mid-week training and wet weather. The Canada Bay Council decides on the status of grounds about 2pm and we put wet weather information out as soon as possible – usually by about 2.30pm – on this website, on Facebook and through Twitter.

Grounds are closed if they are too wet and liable to be damaged – so sometimes they are closed in bright sunshine if there’s been rain earlier in the week; sometimes they are open, even though it is raining.

If there’s no word, training is on.

If you’d like to check the status of fields for yourself, then you can do so through the Council’s wet weather line. Details are here: www.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/sports-facilities-and-fields-wet-weather-field-updates.html

Games and wet weather. If we’re at home, a decision on ground status is usually made by the Canada Bay Council late Friday afternoon for games on Saturday. On occasions, a second inspection may be organised on Saturday afternoon for Sunday games. We’ll advise on ground closures as soon as we can through the website, Facebook and Twitter.

If we’re playing away, the home club will notify us that games are cancelled, then we’ll notify you through the usual channels (it just sometimes takes a little longer).

If grounds are open, but the ground manager of the home club makes a decision that it is unsafe to play on the day, he or she can cancel play.

Please be aware that on game day, individual teams cannot make a decision to cancel because of the weather. If the team doesn’t turn up, it is counted as a forfeit. There are other teams, umpires, grounds managers and canteen volunteers all waiting for you.

If you just don’t know whether or not the game is on, please go to the ground anyway. The gumboots, umbrellas and raincoats may be a hassle, but playing in the wet can be a fun or, at the very least, memorable experience for your child!

Pre-season Training Cancelled 24 March


Sorry for the late notice but due to the late downpour a decision has been made by Council that all fields are CLOSED for pre-season training and no lights will be activated. Pre-season training at Five Dock Oval on Tuesday 24 March is CANCELLED.




Drummoyne Power players

Season Launch: 1 April

Season Launch (aka Pie Night, aka Pizza Night): 1 April

This event will now be held at DRUMMOYNE OVAL ON WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL. This is the first training at Drummoyne Oval. We’ve made the switch to give us a bit more time to get everything together, plus Drummoyne Oval is a better venue in the event of wet weather.

U5-U8, your season launch will be immediately after your training at 5.30pm on 1 April. we’ll hand out shorts and socks (while the kids are training and only if you need them, or didn’t pick them up earlier) and give kids the Auskick packs along with some pizza and a drink, and a training t-shirt.

U9-U11 and Youth Girls, your season launch will be after your training, so that’s 6.30 on 1 April. Collect your shorts and socks and a Drummoyne Power cap. And we’ll also have pizza and a drink for you! U17s, we’ll organise some pizza and gear for after your training session as well.

Can you help out on the night, distributing gear or food and drinks? Email Milan: volunteers@drummoynepower.com

Just a note: we can order gluten free if necessary. Email Milan on the email address above.

And a second – really important – note: We’re just catering for the players – not adults and siblings.

The key dates page has further information on what is happening at Drummoyne Power.